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*** poetry-writing about discrimination ***




Don’t worry, be happy !


illusion can wrong the eye.


Stronger… having a grudge against physical appearance is a


criminal insult …


racism… white, black , all types of nationalities


it ‘s all the same : aren’t we all the same ?


minors : drugs violate handicap…


it’s the injury and the aftermath.


need help to succeed … but people


aaaahhhh, that’s life, folks !


to…. no ! Done with what you have


insult , discrimination, fight with your own values


oooooh…years have passed by and you’re better


no diving for discrimination. Valentin Anjoure-Apourou 4°3






often wrong because people make fun of you and


bad to hear


everybody wrong





excuses wanted now !




Lucas Michel 4°3



*** a positive piece of news from the BBC ***

A 2-B1 BBC co A suspended coffee Marie ANDRE-MILESI






Bend it like Beckham 6°2

6°2 comments and impressions about Bend it like Bechkam.

Collège et cinéma

I thought this was a very good movie because it is about a girl.who is determined. Corentin

I liked this film, I loved it from the beginning to the end. There were beautiful colors Lucas M

I like the film because Jess fights for playing football. Lou

I liked this film because it is about friendship,love and sport and I think this movie was better than the other two charlotte

Bend it like Bechkam is a film that shows the willingness of Jessminder to become a professional football Cyprien

i liked the movie because it was about football

jess wants to play football but her parents don’t want her to play football paul

I liked this movie because it talked about football and Ilove football ! Even if the film was in English, I understood everything because it was subtitled ! Thibaut

jess is a girl who likes football . The movie is about parents who don’t like football Jules ‘s friends is jess:evan

I enjoyed the story of the film Arthur

I think this movie was awesome! Hélène

Beckham is Jessminder’s star. Armand

There is always a lot of suspense margot

Mr and Mrs Bhamra don’t like football axel

the subjects of the film are interesing because there are football culture best friends and love alice


April 2013

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