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* Collège et cinéma * S u m m e r t i m e *


Lucie :


I liked the film because I loved the landscape, it is beautiful. The story is interesting and moving because
it tells us the story of a teenager . Robbie is brave, he is courageous and generous.  He wants to unite his family.

His unique dream is to be with all his family.

Margot and Alice:
We liked the film because it is a genuine story and it represents social poverty.

Léa: The film is quite sad! but the landscape is beautiful.

Ulysse: I think the film is not adapted for young people as some scenes are shocking. But the film is interesting and there are good actors who are have not been paid to act and play in the film!

Maurine: The young boys haven’t got a father, their mother is away trying to get better…and make a living.

Hugo B: I think it was a bit boring but interesting because they didn’t get much money to shoot the film.

Paul: It is a good film but I didn’t like it because it is in English.

Sarah:The movie is realistic and pessimistic. The landscape is beautifully shot and looks perfect.
I didn’t like the social poverty at work in the film.

Nature is just like a mother for the boys. I liked it and I nearly cried at the end… it is so sad because Robbie
goes away without his younger brother.IMG_1428_2detail froIMG_1431m Courbet

* * * C h i l d L a b o u r * * * under construction

Iqbal Masih is wearing a sari.
He was born on April 4th 1984 and died on April 6th 1995.
My country!
I am free too!
I want to free children!
We must say no to slavery!



the film


1)Who is Charles Dickens ?

Charles  Dickens is  a  famous writer.

2)When was he born?

He was born on 7th February 1812  (eighteen twelve)

3) What is his job?

He is a journalist   and a writer.

   Help! Road signs!


$$$ How much … ? H o w many…? $$$

détail , Gustave Courbetdetail of a painting by Gustave Courbet, Ornans 

How many cows are there in the field?

I can see 5 cows in the field.

There are 5 cows in the field.


What can you see? 

I can see  cows and  grass in the field.

How much grass can you see ? 

There is a  lot of grass!


How many + substantif  pluriel

How many workbooks are there ?

How many  workshops are there in Oliver Twist ?

How many children are there in Oliver Twist?

How many boys are there ?

How many minutes are there in one hour?

How many seconds  are there in one minute ?


How much + substantif singulier

How much work is there ?

How much time is there left?

How much snow can  you see  in  the school car park ?






April 2015

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