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!!! Year Review 2 0 1 5 !!!




from the Latin word resolvere resolutions for the New Year


Resolutions Robert Fisher

A-NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS by Bruce Lanskyhttps://rhinospike.com/audio_requests/isa80/39638/

1°LISTEN and COMPLETE WITH will or will not or won’t



Last year I did some rotten _______.

This year I ——-be better.

Here are some resolutions

I ———- follow to the letter:

I ______ make dumb excuses when my homework isn’t done;when the truth is that I did no work ’cause I was having fun.

I ______ fly paper airplanes when the teacher isn’t looking.

I ______sneak in the kitchen just to taste what they are cooking.

I________ twist the silverware to see how far it bends.

I _______take the candy bars from lunch bags of my friends.

I _______ skateboard down the hall or skateboard down the stairs.

I _______over teachers,and I _______crash into chairs.

I ________do these rotten things; my heart is full of sorrow.

But I have got some brand-new tricks to try in school tomorrow.

2° TRANSLATE the expressions in bold characters:Pour traduire les expressions en français, je m’appuie sur le / les mots que je connais – make dumb excuses:- fy paper airplanes:- take the candy bars:- skateboard down the hall:


fiche éval oral






Sophie : New Year’s resolutions

Matt : my resolutions for the new year –

audio-lingua.eu/spip.php?article1998Now the year is over I have a few resolutions that I will try to keep up.

Nick : New Year’s resolutions 

audio-lingua.eu/spip.php?article1257Nicks tells us about his New Year resolutions

Lucy : my new year resolutions 

audio-lingua.eu/spip.php?article4290Lucy gives us her new year resolutions

Rebecca : my new year’s resolutionsAudio Lingua – mp3 …

audio-lingua.eu/spip.php?article2012Rebecca wants to eat healthy food and she would like to exercise more

Jenny – .

audio-lingua.eu/spip.php?article2947I have decided not to make any new year’s resolutions because I never stick to them anyway !

I will go back to London but  I will not go to Paris.

 I will  + base verbale:  forme pleine

 I’ll + base verbale : forme  contractée souvent utilisée

I  will not go to Paris = I won’t go to Paris.

futur proche: 

I’m going to see my friend this afternoon. I’m gonna see my friend tonight.

I’m gonna do this : style  familier  pour

I am going to do this / I’m going to do this



This year will be different from the last
I’m gonna quit every bad habit and improve on my past
Right all the wrongs and change my evil ways
And I’ll get it all done in three hundred and sixty-five days

This year I’ll get serious about exercise
Wake up every morning and hit the gym
I’ll shrink my waist, tone my arms, never compromise
Be so fit not even Michael Phelps could take me in a competition

This year I’m gonna eat right, cut out all the junk
Pay attention to ingredients and the serving size
Eight glasses of water to stay hydrated and keep me from getting too drunk
And I’ll drink less beer, at least one less beer, cause I still need beer

This year I won’t be so forgetful, I’ll keep track of everything
Like your glasses, your iPod, your spare set of keys
Your phone, your passport, and your karate ring
I get it, it’s a problem, you’re so judgmental

This year I won’t be so judgmental, I’ll give back to society
Maybe sponsor a little tiny poor baby infant orphan child
I’ll pay it forward and not look down on charity
But I still won’t watch the commercials, cause Sarah McLachlan makes me sad

I’m not sure I can do it
But I’ve got three hundred and sixty-five tries

This year I’ll disconnect, get back to nature
Travel the world, get cultured, and learn a new language
Get up close and personal with a dangerous creature
Like being live bait for a great white shark…

This year I’ll go to the rainbow’s end and capture a leprechaun

He’ll grant me my wish of being abducted by aliens…
Where I’ll learn how to fly their coolest spaceship and become an alien pilot superhero that can astral project to multiple locations at the same time and solve every single crime!
Yeah, right, and this year I’ll absorb every piece of information online

(So it turns out)
This year, nothing really changed
We’re older, maybe wiser, but basically the same
We can try again, there’s always next year
And we’re in luck, next year is here!

curtsey of http://abandom.bandcamp.com/track/resolutions



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