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I can find solutions to … How to pronounce…?


Tu écris ton texte et choisis la personne (et le pays !)


$$$ A2-B1 buy less when shopping £££


Here are six top tips for smart shoppers.

Number 1. Spontaneity is all very well in action heroes but when it comes to shopping, it’s a big no-no. Plan your meals, make a list and stick to it. Supermarkets are dab hands at tempting you with tasty treats.

Number 2. Buy in bulk. Dedicate one monthly shop to dried foods, cans and bottles. Keep your eyes peeled for mega-packs, which are usually far cheaper per hundred grams than small packs. This can save you up to 50%.

Number 3. Offers, offers, offers! The buy-one-get-one-frees may sound like a bargain, but make sure they are actually cheaper than other brands. Beware the ‘end of the aisle’ specials, which may not be great value. The trick with these is to ask yourself one simple question – Do you really need it? Well do you?

Number 4. Shop around! When it comes to shopping, loyalty can be overrated. You can’t rely on one single shop to sell every type of product at the best value. For your fresh weekly shop try markets, butchers and local shops, which can offer great value.

Number 5. Throw shop etiquette to the wind and bring along a calculator. Or, use the one on your phone. Without a calculator labels can be confusing, making it nigh-on impossible to compare price per hundred grams. Premium brands of tea can be twenty times as expensive as cheap ones. So this tip can save you 95%.

Number 6. This may sound unexpected, but don’t always buy the cheapest product. Some things cost more for good reason.Buy sausages and burgers with plenty of meat rather than fat, gristle and who-knows what. They’re probably better for you, cost just a little more and you don’t have to eat five of them to feel full.


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