A2 USAIN BOLT ee-eo-eoi


1) Why does Usain  run to go to school?

  • To train for a race
  • To meet someone before school
  • To get to school in time

2) How much did Usain enjoy school?

  • Time flew because he liked the classes.
  • He was bored.
  • All he cared about was the girls.
  • He was chatting a lot during classes.

3) Usain wanted to win …

  • to be popular in school
  • to make his mommy proud of him
  • to earn the coach’s lunch
  • to make the coach pay attention to him

4) Usain was having a hard time because …

  • he was afraid of disappointing Jamaican fans
  • his mother was expecting too much of him
  • he was not in good shape and felt depressed, sad and obliged to win

5) His mother advised him …

  • to stop stressing about victory
  • to pay more attention to his shoes
  • to believe in himself
More questions:
• What do you know about him? • How many medals did he win in Rio? 

• How many Olympic medals has he won in total? • What do you know about his character?
• What do you know about his childhood?
• What do you know about his life?

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