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A2 Chocolate cake

Chocolate cake

Ingredients :

200 cooking chocolate

125g of butter

5 eggs

5 spoonful of sugar

2 teaspoons of baking powder

90g of flour

Put the chocolate and the butter in a saucepan and let them melt.

Mix the eggs and the sugar in a bowl.

Add the flour and mix.

Add the baking powder, and mix again.Put the dough in a baking pan and put it in the oven.

Let it bake for 25 to 35 minutes according to your oven (around 220°C)

A2 Back to school

Back to school

I-Put the words in order, re-order the words :

a-How/ today ?/you/are:______________________

b-thanks/fine,/I’m :___________________________

c- about/what/ you ?__________________________

II-Choose one or two answers :

a-I’m feeling happy because I can see my friends.

b-I’m feeling sad because I can’t play with my cat/my dog/my brother/my sister.

C-I’m happy to be back because _________________

d-I aren’t happy to be back because______________


III-Can you speak about your holiday ?

What did you do ?


sleep/slept /slept








ride/rode/ridden a bike-

ride a horse-

go/went/gone scuba diving-



read/read/read comics-

read/read/read a book-

play/ed video-games-

go/went/gone for a walk-

listen/ed to my parents’s advice-

chat/ted with my friends-

write/wrote/written to my friends on social networks

send/sent/sent photographs-

swim/swam/swum in the water/in the sea /in the river/ in a lake/in a swimming pool/ in an artificial lake




A1-A2 Food


from A1- A2 London

Christmas time, London, Tower Bridge at night



click on the link 







Map of central London in 1666, showing landmarks related to the Great Fire of London


*** Parcours artistique et culturel *** Collège et cinéma 6°2+6°4+5°1 *** 2016-2017

First term: the animated movie

The Kid A1-A2 + socle commun L’île de Black Mor Tomm Moore

Second term: the western



A fistful of dollars by Sergio  Leone 

What’s the weather like in A fistful of dollars ?

It is sunny and (very) hot.

What’s the season ?

It is summer (or) spring.

How many women are there ?

There are two women.

What is the hero wearing ?

The hero is wearing a brown hat, a shirt and

a pair of trousers and a poncho

What’s your favourite passage ?

My favourite passage is n° …

What is the name of the two enemies ?

The Baxters and the Rojo

What do they drink ?

They drink wine and alcohol but they don’t drink water

What do they eat ?

They eat meat (lamb) bread, pork, red beans !

Are they respectful?

The Rojo and the Baxters are not respectful.

Where is the story taking place ?

The story is taking  place near the Mexican border.

The film-maker is Italian and it is shot in Spain !

Are they honest ?

The Rojo and the Baxters are not honest .

They are rather dishonest ! 

Do you think the film is funny ?

Yes, I think the film is funny.

Yes, I think the film is violent.

Yes, I think the film is violent, funny and fake (not real)

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Calamity Jane

So many valleys, so many prairies,

so many rivers

And the joy of the plains

The good luck, the bad luck

I came across cactuses, coyotes,

Wagon chains

And lots of ghosts


I ran down all the worlds

My boots crushed the dust,

The happy times and the pains

I braved a hundred dangers

I crossed the lands that are dear to the Cheyennes

I even disappointed the Sioux over this


I left so much behind

I abandoned my heart in the desert

I submitted my body to the storms

I bet on tomorrow

I burned my dollars at poker

I burned all my pendants


I pursued gangsters, terrors

At night on my horse, in the heat, without a fan

I came across preachers, heathens

Men with neither law nor soul

And a hero without flaw, without mistakes

That I love


Calamity Jane


So many valleys, so many prairies, so many rivers

And the joy of the plains

The good luck, the bad luck

If heaven gave me the dream gift of a new life

I would live mine again without hesitating


Third term = realism with Gente de Bien by Franco Lolli

Gente de Bien


  1. the first scene(children are playing football together) takes place in Bogota in Columbia

  2. the first scene does not take place in Bogota

  1. Bogota has got / hasn’t got 6.5 million inhabitants

  1. the father does his best/does not do his best at helping his son

  1. Eric is often sulking/is not sulking

  1. Eric is pleasant and happy

  1. Eric isn’t happy and pleasant with others

  1. Eric is bullied by other children

  1. Eric’s mother is missing : she goes away

  1. Eric likes his dog, Lupe, very much

  1. Eric doesn’t like his dog, Lupe

  1. Father and son are reunited after Lupe’s death

  1. Father and son are not reunited in the film

  1. Maria Isabel wants to help Eric and his father

  1. Eric’s father has got money/hasn’t got money

  1. Eric’s father is working as a carpenter

  1. Eric’s father is not working as a carpenter

  1. Eric can’t make friends with other children

  1. Eric steals money from Marisol

  2. Eric doesn’t show a lot of emotions except when Lupe dies.

George de La Tour

The Carpenter by George de La Tour

Joseph is working as a carpenter.

He is making a living for his family.

There is the candle and there is the light in the child’s hand.

It is a representation of Saint Joseph and his son but it is not a religious representation.

The film-maker was born in Bogota in Columbia.

He had a religious upbringing and background.

His father died when his mother was expecting him…


JUSTIFY ! I liked the film because …

I didn’t like the film because…






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