writing a story about Halloween A2

Thursday,November 23rd

The ghost of my gardener haunts my garden. There is a spider on top of the window and I can see the ghost of the hat of my gardener !

In my bedroom, there are also many other ghosts.

I can see so  many shadows !

They are the shadows of the pumpkins.

There are creepy worms on the ceiling and I can’t see the light of day because they are creating chaos !

The whole house is haunted by dead spirits.

At midnight, I can hear the sound of the owl in the forest.

The owl is sreaming !

It is saying : ‘ Come and see me !’

and I am so afraid !

I am so afraid that I can’t close my eyes.

To top it all, there are the voices of wicked ghosts and they invite me to a frightening party !

I can’t move and I can’t breathe !

I am scared and so hungry and in my kitchen there are only pumpkins to eat !

I feel so sad and tired!

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