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A1-A2 Class survey


A1-A2 creative group writing


Meeting an alien

1-When did you meet the alien?

2-Who were you with?

3-What were you doing?

4-What did the alien look like?

5-What did you do when you saw the alien?

6-What happened in the end?

Meeting someone famous

  1. What famous person did you meet?
  2. Where did you meet them and who were you with?
  3. What was the famous person wearing and how did he/she look (e.g. glamorous/ taller than I thought/ not too beautiful)?
  4. What was he/she like? (e.g. friendly/ funny/ annoyed)
  5. What did you do when you saw the famous person?
  6. What happened next? ( e.g. He/she signed an autograph/walked away)

A great holiday

  1. Where and when did you go?
  2. Who did you go with?
  3. Describe the place you went to.
  4. What did you do there? (e.g. snowboarding, diving, rock-climbing, trekking, swimming, building tiny houses in trees, climbed Mt. Everest)
  5. What sights did you see? ( e.g. The Eiffel tower, the Pyramids, the Great Wall of China, River Thames in London, the Hudson River  in New York)
  6. What was the weather like?
  7. (foggy, rainy, stormy, sunny, hot, cold)
  8. Did you have a good time? (great, awesome, boring, awful)


There was a robbery and you have  got to solve it:


  1. Where was the robbery?
  2. When did it take place?
  3. How many robbers were there?
  4. Were they wearing disguises?
  5. Were they armed?
  6. How many robbers were there?
  7. What did the workers and customers do?
  8. Was anybody injured?
  9. What did the robbers take?
  10. How did they get away?
  11. Who called the police?
  12. When did the police arrive?
  13. Have the robbers been caught yet?

A2 Fill in with the country or region of your choice

1. Specific words for everyday things
2. Special food
3. A kind of cultural sense of humour
4. Dialect : local use of a language
5. Influences from the surrounding environment, the sea, countryside
6. Historical influences + monuments and celebrations
7. Clothing : clothes 
8. Local music/musical instruments
9. Local sporting personalities + sports events
10. Traditions


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