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idioms for happiness

  1. A joy to behold
    Meaning: a thing or experience that creates a profound sense of pleasure or elation in the spectator
  2. Be full of the joys of spring (humorous)
    Meaning: to be jubilant.
  3. Be in a transport of delight/joy
    Meaning: to feel extremely happy or pleased
  4. Bundle of joy (=bundle from heaven)
    Meaning: a newborn baby
  5. Burst with joy (for one)
    Meaning: to be full to the bursting point with happiness.
  6. Buzzing?
    Meaning: excited for something that’s going to happen
  7. Leap for joy (=jump for joy)
    Meaning: to jump up because one is happy; to be euphoric, show exceptional excitement
  8. Pride and joy
    Meaning: something or someone that one is very proud of.
  9. Weep for joy
    Meaning: to cry out of happiness
  10.   On cloud nine
    Meaning: a person who is on cloud nine is overjoyed because something wonderful has happened.
  11.   Like a dog with two tails
    Meaning: to be elated.
  12.   Grin from ear to ear
    Meaning: to look very satisfied and smiling.
  13.   Grin like a Cheshire cat
    Meaning: when one has a smile on his face being happy with something.
  14.   Happy camper
    Meaning: to be content or satisfied with what is happening in the life and to have no complaints.
  15.   Happy as a flea in a doghouse
    Meaning: to be euphoric and contented.
  16.   Happy as Larry
    Meaning: to be delighted.
  17.   Happy-go-lucky
    Meaning: to be cheerful and carefree all the time.
  18.   Having a whale of a time?
    Meaning: to have a very good time, have an exciting or fun time
  19.   On top of the world?
    Meaning: to feel ecstatic, enjoy great health, success.
  20.   Over the moon?
    Meaning: extremely pleased and happy
  21.   In seventh heaven
    Meaning: ?in a very happy state
  22.   Walking on air
    Meaning: to be merry, to feel like you are floating on air.

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