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Les Cluds by Elisa F

6°2 Les Cluds and our outing by Elisa Faïs


Monday, we left school and drove to Switzerland because it was too expensive by coach. Once in Les Cluds, we settled and we had an art course. One hour later, we had a picnic and the teacher made six teams : les bonobos, les petits cailleux, les M&M’S, les babibels, les raidoux and the winners for a « red thread ».

Some time later, we tested the snowshoes. I forgot to tell you that we made them! They all looked great!Some of them broke.

In the evening we had a science lesson.We baked the dough for the croissants and the pizza!!!

Appetizing   croissants !!!   

Tuesday, we got up early and enjoyed our excellent croissants for breakfast! Then we went outside for a long cross-country skiing outing. We arrived at the cottage and we met Ms Belot, and Ms Andre as well as Ms Piccand, the teachers of our school. We ate and we prepared the pizza with the tomato sauce, bits and pieces of ham and cheese … and last but not least, oregan. It  was excellent! Later on we played our sketches.
We   slept like logs!

Wednesday, we woke up at seven and a half, we had  lunch, we packed our things, we prepared and cleaned the ski chalet. Next,we went snowshoeing in the forest. It was a great escape! Then we went back and ate. We went on with our packing and waited for the bus to fetch us. We sang many songs in the bus!

Spring cleaning  and the mess !!! The girls in the class


It was a great experience, it was great fun!
Thank you to all the teachers who came, they are very generous!
There was no water and we had to cooperate with what looked like a sustainable way of life . It
has  been the best experience of my life!

(teacher’s comments: no water made it an unforgettable experience on this Valentine’s week end)

Once upon a time, there was…

The Pea and the Princess adapted from its original version.


Once upon a time there was…a Prince but he wanted a Princess.

He travelled around the world but there was always something wrong.

-“There must be a real Princess for me somewhere!” he thought.

There was always something wrong and Our Prince  could not find one.


One day, there was a terrible storm with thunder and lightening.

In the middle of the storm, something happened and a Princess appeared but the Old King did not believe the Princess nor did the Prince. They thought she was not a Princess because of her appearance.

The Princess stood outside and she was in a terrible state because of the rain on her clothes and her hair and her face…

-“We shall see if you are  a real Princess!” (On va voir si vous êtes une vraie Princesse!”)

She put 20 mattresses and twenty feather-beds. And she put a pea under  the mattress or mattresses.

-“How did you sleep last night?”

-“I slept terribly bad!”... she said. “I hardly closed my eyes and my body is all black and blue.”

So the Prince was sure she was a real Princess.

The pea was placed in a museum!

Everybody can see it now!


My conclusion about Andersen’s tale?



a tale=

Once upon a time=

to want=

to travel around the world=


something wrong=

to find=

a storm=



to believe=

to think=






L’enfant sauvage The wild child by François Truffaut





The wild child

What  can he do?


What can’t he do?


What does he like?


What doesn’t he like?


He can swim .

He can’t swim.

He can walk.

He can’t walk.

He can run.

He can’t run.

He can’t ride a bicycle.

He can read.

He can’t read.

He can eat with a fork and a knife.

He can’t eat with a fork.

He  likes eating  potatoes.

He also likes eating fruit and vegetables.

He can get dressed.

He can’t get dressed.

He likes wearing clothes.

He doesn’t like wearing clothes.

He likes the company of Madame Guérin.

He doesn’t like the company of Me Guérin.

 Your opinion about this great  film:

It is funny when he knocks at the windows. He is funny when he is in the wheelbarrow. The end is a happy end for Victor.”


Mélanie: “I liked the film a lot. I enjoyed the film because there are monologues but no suspense.”


“Estelle loved the film the wild child because he hasn’t got a family.”


“Benjamin loves the film the wild child. It is very sad and inspiring.”


Michaël: ” I liked the film a lot because it is funny !”


Alexandre: ” I liked the film but I didn’t like Victor’s fits.”


Hasan likes the film but thinks that the child is strange.


Nathan: ” I like the movie The wild child.

He likes drinking water in the river the forest,

he likes running and animals but

Victor doesn’t like school !

I like when Victor is in the wheelbarrow because it’s funny. I think it’s a great movie.”

Mix it up tree For a Mix it up day:-)

Projet transversal Classes européennes du Lycée Xavier Marmier de Pontarlier

  et Classes du Collège Lucie Aubrac de Doubs

Responsable pédagogique arts plastiques:  Marie-Eve Mougel, Collège Lucie Aubrac

en lien avec la Municipalité de la ville de Pontarlier





Mix it up day! 6°7 segpa

Mix it up day!

6°7 Collège Lucie Aubrac

Langues vivantes Marie André-Milesi


I for interesting information


L for lovers in the lovely lands

O for optimism and optimist!

V for violet violins

E for extraordinary explorers.



Y for yellow yes !

O for open and original oranges and oasis !

U for universe, universal unions.



Interesting =intéressant /e

Lovely = beau /belle

A land =un pays

Lovers = des amoureux

A violin = un violon

Extraordinary =extraodinaire

An explorer =un explorateur


September 2023