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Groundhog Day on the 2nd of February

Groundhog Day takes place on the first or the second of February




A1-A2 Ici et ailleurs, modernités et traditions.

Where does it take place?


What  can you see?


What can you hear?


 What are people wearing?


 What’s the name of the  famous groundhog?


 What can it predict?


  Who are the members?


  Do you like this tradition?


 My toolbox of words:

top hats and a congregation of gentlemen

a suit= un costume

a tuxedo= une queue de pie

a tie=une cravate

a bow =noeud papillon

to wear = porter un vêtement

smart and traditional clothes,

it is freezing cold!

the shadow=l’ombre, many people, a lot of people,

the weather= le temps météorologique

a weather forecast= un bulletin météorologique

the best weather forecast, the dream, dreamers

very traditional

to see its own shadow =voir la projection de son ombre

funny and pleasant, to announce spring, to announce winter,

a very likeable animal

it is part and parcel of traditions=

one president= notre président

the tree-trunk= le tronc d’arbre

the hole= trou

to sleep=

to be sleeping=

to like folklore, not to like folklore,

to like and enjoy dreams and dreamers


Groundhogs are able to climb trees to escape.

The etymology of the name woodchuck is unrelated to wood or chucking. It stems from an Algonquian (possibly Narragansett) name for the animal, wuchak. The similarity between the words has led to the common tongue-twister:

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck

if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

A woodchuck would chuck all the wood he could

if a woodchuck could chuck wood![12]

[edit] In popular culture

  • One of Robert Frost‘s best known poems is “A Drumlin Woodchuck,” in which he uses the imagery of a woodchuck dug in to a small ridge as a metaphor for his emotional reticence.
  • A woodchuck figures prominently in the movie Groundhog Day.

Halloween + Chinese portraits A1+A2 + B1

Voici la petite compilation  Audio-lingua pour Halloween:



En vous rendant sur le site Audio-lingua, il faut indiquer :

– le niveau

– la langue sélectionnée

-le personnage si vous souhaitez écouter un audio-clip qui vous a été recommandé en cours
C’est la manière de retrouver et d’activer un lien qui ne fonctionne pas en direct depuis mes pages du webpédagogique.

 Fichiers de niveau A2


Jo : I like Halloween
Jo explains why she likes celebrating Halloween.

Frank : how kids celebrate Halloween in the US
Frank explains how American kids celebrate Halloween.

Cortney : the whole tradition of Halloween
Cortney talks about the way younger children celebrate Halloween in the US.

Blaine : I like Halloween
Blaine explains why Halloween is his favourite holiday.

Molly : trick or treating is fun !
Molly talks about what people usually do on Halloween night in the US.

Morgan : let’s get dressed up for Halloween !
Halloween is a fun time to spend with friends, trick or treating in random streets.

Leslie : Halloween is my favourite holiday
Leslie explains what young people usually do on Halloween day.


 Fichiers de niveau B1


Declan : Halloween
Hallowe’en in Ireland.

Ashley : teenagers don’t celebrate Halloween as younger kids do
Ashley talks about the way kids and students celebrate Halloween in the US : picking a costume, trick-or-treating, partying and playing scary games.

Jason : Halloween and its traditions
Jason speaks about the celebration of Halloween and its traditions : trick or treating, pumpkin carving, dressing up…

Paul : Halloween in the US
Paul tells us what Halloween is and how kids celebrate it : costumes, carving a pumpkin and trick or treating.

Kerrin : Trick or treating – Halloween in Scotland
Kerrin, a Scottish girl, tells us everything about the tradition of trick or treating for Halloween.

Kerrin : Apple bobbing – Halloween in Scotland
Kerrin, a Scottish girl, tells us evertything about the game of apple bobbing and its variations for Halloween.

Niveau A1 :

Jenny (GB)


Niveau A2:

Jenny (GB)


Rebecca (GB)


Rebecca (GB)


Bernard (GB)


Candide (GB)


Niveau A2 + :


Paul (US)


Niveau B1

Maria (US)
part 1
part 2

Introduce yourself !

I am F____________ .

I am from F________.

We are form ….

Our form likes nature and we enjoy biking cycling, walking.

We are 12 girls and 13 boys .

We are keen on all activities in  the forests and the woods.

We live in the countryside and the mountains far from the seaside near Switzerland.

Every Tuesday afternoon we go mountain-biking.

It is awesome!

In France the flag is blue white and red .

In our region there are lots of cows .

There are also hens in the countryside.

There are lots of mountains because we live close to the Alps in a region called Jura.

There are also lots of trees.

The landscape is beautiful.

The cheese is called Comté and it is delicious!

The cows are called Montbéliardes.

You can see brown and white cows on these  photos. (Thank you Emma)

The school is red and grey with some trees in the courtyard. The school’s name is

                                                          Lucie Aubrac

Lucie Aubrac was a great lady. She was very brave and determined. She is a great figure in the history of the Second World War.

She was a history teacher.

The school is situated in a small town close to Pontarlier.

There are more than 600  pupils in the school.

Pupils come to school by bus or coach.

They also walk to school or cycle. At school we study


 French grammar and literature





PE (physical education)






In summer, we can swim in the river and in the lake.

In winter, we go skiing, cross-country-skiing and skating.

We like snowboarding.

We like playing handball.

We like cycling and riding our bikes.

We enjoy walking a lot.

We are fond of all types of sports!


Je note les 7 expressions parlant du goût, de ce que l’on aime faire et de ce que l’on apprécie, de ce que nous aimons:—————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–

un/e grand/e personnage:————————————————————-

la forêt et les bois:————————————————————————

l’été et l’hiver:—————————————————————————–

le paysage:——————————————————————————–

la campagne:——————————————————————————

le payage marin:—————————————————————————

beaucoup de vaches:———————————————————————-

la rivière:———————————————————————————-


une grande dame:(sens moral et non physique)—————————————-

la cour de récréation:———————————————————————-



un professeur d’histoire:——————————————————————-

il y a (au singulier):————————————————————————

il y a (au pluriel):————————————————————————–

jouer de la flûte:—————————————————————————

le bus:—————————————————————————————

jouer de la trompette:——————————————————————-


les phasmes:—————————————————————————–

la matière (à l’école):——————————————————————-

apprendre à vivre ensemble:———————————————————–


Parlons de nos goûts!:——————————————————————

Je sais nager:—————————————————————————–

espérer :———————————————————————————-




Quelle formule de politesse a-t-on utiliser pour conclure notre lettre:
















Back to school – Respect the rules and Introduce yourself A1-A2 September 2016


 Listen and repeat 

How are you today?


Who …?




Niveau A1 

J’écoute et je  suis capable de faire une fiche d’identité de la personne qui parle:


- Christine : My name is…
Christine introduces herself : age, origin, family, hobbies, physical description…

- William introduces himself

William talks about himself and his family, especially his sisters.

- Joanna : She introduces herself

Joanna talks about herself, her family, her hobbies. She also describes herself physically.

- Declan : who I am !

Declan introduces himself.

- Joe : A few words about me

Joe is from Streator, in the USA. He introduces himself.


 Niveau A2

- Sara introduces herself
Sara talks about her origins, her physical description and her family.

- Harriet introduces herself

Harriet talks about herself, her hobbies in particular.

- Maria introduces herself

Maria talks about her life, her family, her studies, her work…

- Franck introduces himself

Franck talks about his family and his hobbies.

- Paul introduces himself

Paul talks about himself, his pets and his hobbies.

- Joanna : She introduces herself again

Joanna talks about herself.

- Francesca : She introduces herself

Francesca was born in the Philippines but lives in New Zealand. She talks about her family, her hobbies, her job, etc.

- Angela : Her origins and country

Angela introduces herself, her country, region and city.


Listen and practise ;-)



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