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Speaking and respecting the rules


Speaking and respecting the rules paper report 6°:5° MS M ANDRE

A2 USAIN BOLT ee-eo-eoi


1) Why does Usain  run to go to school?

  • To train for a race
  • To meet someone before school
  • To get to school in time

2) How much did Usain enjoy school?

  • Time flew because he liked the classes.
  • He was bored.
  • All he cared about was the girls.
  • He was chatting a lot during classes.

3) Usain wanted to win …

  • to be popular in school
  • to make his mommy proud of him
  • to earn the coach’s lunch
  • to make the coach pay attention to him

4) Usain was having a hard time because …

  • he was afraid of disappointing Jamaican fans
  • his mother was expecting too much of him
  • he was not in good shape and felt depressed, sad and obliged to win

5) His mother advised him …

  • to stop stressing about victory
  • to pay more attention to his shoes
  • to believe in himself
More questions:
• What do you know about him? • How many medals did he win in Rio? 

• How many Olympic medals has he won in total? • What do you know about his character?
• What do you know about his childhood?
• What do you know about his life?

English conversation … pick and choose from A1 onwards


Grrr Culture with ….Solar ImPulse … How much?+ singular Mow many?+plural


General characteristics

Crew: 1
Length: 22.4 m (73.5 ft)
Wingspan: 71.9 m (236 ft)
Height: 6.37 m (20.9 ft)
Wing area: 17,248 photovoltaic solar cells cover the top of the wings, fuselage and tailplane for a total area of 269.5 m2 (rated at 66 kW peak)
Loaded weight: 2,300 kg (5,100 lb)
Powerplant: 4 × electric motors

4 x 41 kWh lithium-ion batteries (633 kg), providing 13 kW [33] (17.4 hp) each

Propeller diameter: 4 m (13.1 ft)
Take-off speed: 36 km/h (22.4 mph)

Maximum speed: 140 km/h (87 mph)
Cruise speed: 90 km/h (56 mph)

60 km/h (37 mph) at night to save power
Service ceiling:

8,500 m (27,900 ft) with a maximum altitude of 12,000 metres (39,000 ft)



grrr…. culture with … Baton Rouge… Usa… Louisiana … Black people say ‘ we matter ‘A2

Jonathan Bachman ….

is  the New Jersey-born freelance photographer

“I had gone to bed and when I woke up and went right back to Baton Rouge,” he says. ….. Then, his father called.

“He said, ‘John, your photo is all over the Internet.’”

The photograph shows a demonstrator, later identified as Ieshia Evans, facing

 police officers in riot gear as she’s about to be arrested. Evans looks resolute, standing peacefully in the middle of the road near the headquarters of the Baton Rouge police department. The contrast between her body language and those of the approaching police officers is made even more powerful by the flowing black-and-white dress she’s wearing.
Bachman knew he had the shot, and that it would be a good one. “I knew it was a representation of what was happening in Baton Rouge at that moment,” he says. “But I really, honestly, never thought it was going to be something like this. I had no idea I would be talking to everyone these past few days.”

Since he’s photographed Evans, Bachman has been inundated with emails and calls – some coming from photographers he’s looked up to, he says. “It’s a very humbling experience. It’s a little surreal as well.”

“I’m a freelancer,” he says, “so I just wait for the phone calls,” — but Ieshia Evans should be the one getting the credit, he says. “People have been trying to talk about me, but really it’s that woman that made the photo.”

Olivier Laurent is the editor of TIME LightBox







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