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le futur / future et le futur proche / near future : I will be the next champion I am going to work hard at English grammar

  • I’m going on holiday to Germany tomorrow
  • I’m not going to get married next year.
  • What are you going to study next year?
  • I will see you tomorrow.
  • I won’t come to class tomorrow.
  • Will you lend me some money?



  1. 1.            Where are you going to live in the future?
  2. 2.            What are you going to study next year?
  3. 3.            Are you going to get married? When? Where?
  4. 4.            Do you think you’ll have children? How many?
  5. 5.            Tell me something you are definitely NOT going to do in your life.
  6. 6.            Where will you go tonight?
  7. 7.            What are you going to do this weekend?
  8. 8.            Tell me about your life in twenty years.


  • I will study at university next year. 
  • I’m going to open the window, it’s hot. 
  • We are  going to have a party. 


Monday Tuesday Wednesday  Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
make dinner     go for a helicopter ride     Clean my flat


  • You must go to work on Monday.
  • You have a doctor’s appointment on Friday.
  • There’s a party on Tuesday night.
  • It’s your partner’s birthday on Saturday.
  • You won $1 million dollars!


  1. 1.            I’ve lost my wallet
  2. 2.            I’m freezing
  3. 3.            I’m sad
  4. 4.            I’ve got a headache
  5. 5.            I’m thirsty
  6. 6.            My bags are very heavy.
  7. 7.            I’m hungry
  8. 8.            I’m very hot
  9. 9.            I’m poor.
  10. 10.          I’m really tired.



Discrepancies , generation gaps between citizens across the world : Crossing divides with the BBC news


Laurence Hacquet’s interactive books


My dream circus = Parcours artistique et culturel + français+Compagnie Va et Vient + EPS + arts plastiques



A1- A2     Charlie Chaplin

 What can he do?




My dream circus


It is red, it is blue and  it is gold!

It has got a big top and there are lights and stars in its sky.

There is a lot of fun around!

The stars are shining and joy is shining in our eyes

There are artists : they are my school friends.

There are spectators: my parents, my brothers and my sisters and all my friends !

The spectators are sitting on the benches and clapping their hands

The clowns are funny because they are acting extremely well !

The music is pleasant and happy: 

The teachers are pleased!

Some pupils are playing the guitar, the violin and the accordion.

The atmosphere is    a w e s o m e  :  it is pure magic!

At the end of the show, the lights are off…

We are happy to go back home because we are tired.

We have got make-up on and we must remove the make-up before we go to bed.

It is a perfect evening for all of us !



The Circus and its big top or marquee by Cindrella 6°4 

It all happened on Friday night at our school Lucie Aubrac on June 9th 2017. Our show started at 8.30pm and the big marquee was crowded with parents who wanted to watch their children perform…

Before the show started we did our make-up… and we  were all looking  great like professionals!

Thanks to our teachers, Me André and Me Mougel, who did our make-up… they are the best!

Before we started, we were all under a lot of stress but when we arrived on stage all the stress was gone and we really enjoyed performing!

Basically, there were different groups in the big top or marquee.

Some were juggling, throwing balls or balloons in the air, catching and throwing them repeatedly so that  more than one  could stay in the air.

Others were doing acrobatics, splits, swinging, tissue acrobatics, restaurant sketches, and much more…

It was really a lovely view with appropriate lightings and it was  an amazing event and a day I  will never forget !

Finally my group was doing acrobatics on top of the trapeze…

We were jumping, jumbling and balancing… It felt so good entertaining everyone!

Every group had a story to tell.

At the end of the show, our form 6°4 sang a song for the headteacher of the school who will be retiring in a few months…

Our show eventually ended at 10.30pm and it was time to go home and some spectators bought refreshments and cakes…

and there were people sitting outside… the weather was rather quiet: neither rainy nor stormy. We were lucky!

What an amazing and awesome evening !

What a great experience for us all!




Grammar EXTRA!

Grammar EXTRA!


July 2024

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