Version Originale: 127 HOURS


This movie is a drama and thriller film . It was released in 2011 by Danny Boyle, the main caracter is Aron Ralston (played by James Franco). The film lasts for 1H34. This movie is more for teens and adults , a lot of people are scared of it because it is very gory.

The movie talks about Aron Ralston, a man who loves the Grand Canyon. During a weekend, Aron goes for a long walk in the Canyon. The day starts well, Aron meets two girls who are lost and he continued the walk with them. The girls come back home and Aron goes back to his car to go back home but on the way home he gets stuck under a rock and it’s impossible to get free . He must make a decision .

In my opinion , that’s my favorite film . The setting is beautiful and paradisiacal . That’s funny until the tragedy takes place .

Noa D.

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