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The movie is Deadpool, the director is Tim Miller, the release date is 16 february 2016. The movie lasts for 1h48.The composer of the soundtracks is Junkie XL. The viewers must be at least12 years old to watch it. The main actor is Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool). The movie is a comedy.

Deadpool is a atypical hero in the universe of marvel.Originally, Deadpool is Wade Wilson an old military man who has become a mercenary. After suffering from an experiment increasing his power of healing, he is armed with new capacities and black humour.

In my Opinion Deadpool is the best movie, it is funny and there are comical characters. The characters and the costume of deadpool are very cool.The movie has a lot humour, I love the equipement of deadpool espicially because it shows Adventure Time and weapons handling, it is very cool, I just like the movie.

Yassin B.

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