Version Originale: TAMARA


The movie is «Tamara» it was produced by Alexandre Castagnetti.It was released on October 26th 2016.It lasts for 1h40.The main actors are Heloise Martin and Rayanne Bensetti.The soundtrack is by Clement Marchand and Alexandre Castagnetti.The genre is comedy.

The movie «Tamara»,is the story of a girl named Tamara complexed by her curves.She falls in love with a boy who is loved by all the girls in high scool. A friendship is created between them,under the mockery and gazes…and even more than that.

Personally, I believe that this film is a situation that we can have or meet in our life.As for me, I think that it is a wonderful movie for teens.There is romance and action in the movie.I recommend this movie to everyone.

Célestine C.

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