Version Originale: TWO IS A FAMILY


The movie was released on December 7th 2018 in France, It was directed by Hugo Gélin. The movie lasts for 1h28, with main actors Omar Sy and Clemence Poesy and a little child. It’s a movie that can be seen by everyone.

Samuel is a man who loves the party. But, some day, he lives an adventure with Kristine for one evening. She returns several months later without seeing each other. She comes to give him his daughter, whose existence he ignores. He finds himself in London without papers, whitout money with a baby of three months. Eight years later, the small Gloria has grown up with her father, Samuel not wanting to tell her that her mother abondoned her. But, the Gloria’s mother reappears and wants to get Gloria back, to have a second chance.

In my opinion, it’s the best movie. It’s moving, funny. Samuel is brave and did evening to be a good father.

Justine D.

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