Version Originale: ZOOTOPIA


The movie was produced by Byron Howard, Rich Moore and Jared Buch.The film was released on February 17th 2016. The movie lasts for one hour forty eight minutes.The soundtrack was made by Michael Giacchino.This film is aimed mainly at children. The main actors of the film are Ginnifer Goodwin who is the voice of officer Judy Hoops, a rabbit and Jason Bateman who is the voice of a fox.The movie is a comedy.The film was released in English.

The movie tells the story of a rabbit who becomes a policewoman because it has always been her dream. The rabbit wants to be active but her boss puts her in a park and someone has lost her husband and Juddy tells the boss and the chief says that there is no one to take care of the investigation so the rabbit says she will and her chief tells her « okay but you have forty eight hours to find him».

In my opinion, the movie is happy .There are characters and costumes which are beautiful.The story is funny.

Manon B.

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