Our new teacher, Mr Bill Hammond

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Here is the interview we made in our class. Mr Hammond came to France for studying how the french teachers work.

What’s your name?

My name is Bill Hammond.

Where is your school?

My school is in Shrewsbery.

Where do you live?

I live in Shrewsbery, it is smaller than Rennes.

How many pupils are there in your classroom?

In my classroom , there are 15 pupils . They are all boys.

How many classroom are there in your school?

In my school, there are 10 classrooms.

Is it easy to teach french?

It’s not an easy language for english pupils.

Did you come by plane, by bus, by car, by train, etc…

I come by  plane, in fact two planes.

Do you like your job?

Yes, I like my job, most of time. In my school, there are 130 pupils.

The name’s of the school is Shrewsbery high prep school.

Secretaries: Guénolé et Manon.F.

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