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UFC 215 Live Stream Online is here. There is just a single occasion in the quick fate of boxing and blended combative techniques that could be greater than Floyd Mayweather versus Conor McGregor.

Watch here: UFC 215 Live Stream Online.

That would be Mayweather versus McGregor II, a rematch sooner or later one year from now and a result that more likely than not depends on the Irishman from the universe of the Ultimate Fighting Championship some way or another delivering a boxing marvel on the way to a stun for the ages.

Such a large amount of the frenzy encompassing the challenge, now under two weeks away on Aug. 26 in Las Vegas, has extended the limits of creative energy, with the simple truth of its reality a phenomenal story of present day special and online networking powers.

The possibility that it could happen again is crazy, however no less so than the recommendation a while back that Mayweather could go up against a man who has never boxed professionally or even to a genuine level in the novice positions.

« I am one and done on this, » UFC president Dana White stated, conceding that he may consider advancing boxing occasions sooner or later not far off yet has little hunger for a rehash of seeing his most prominent star step again into the boxing ring.

However White additionally trusts McGregor has a reasonable shot to win at T-Mobile Arena, that his punching force can paralyze the 40-year-old previous pound-for-pound ruler and stop Mayweather’s ideal expert streak at 49 wins.

In the event that that inconceivable result develops, or if another peculiar turn that prompts a McGregor triumph happens – if Mayweather turns his knee and can’t move, on the off chance that he endures an oddity eye damage, or is precluded for late blows – then a rematch would never again be an outside shot by any stretch of the imagination.

At that stage it turns out to be for all intents and purposes unavoidable. With Mayweather slated to top $150 million and McGregor $100 million in addition to, a re-try in such conditions would likely produce considerably more buildup and interest. Next time around the two men could round up $150 at least million, and prepare to be blown away. On the off chance that Mayweather won that to level the scores then a set of three battle to choose it would bode well as well.

Nobody much is getting tied up with the hypothesis, in any event not openly. Mayweather has reliably said it will be his last battle, and his counsel Leonard Ellerbe was making careful effort to stretch this is a « one-time thing » a week ago.

Be that as it may, in the following breath Ellerbe, with a twinkle in his eye, said « you never recognize what may occur next » and to be sure, for all the hoopla encompassing this advancement, never a more genuine word was talked. We simply don’t have the foggiest idea.

Maybe, most likely, a rematch is the stuff of fables and intrigue scholars. However quite a long time ago in the relatively recent past, so too was this battle.

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