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Playlist de Noël – 10 titres –

Ma playlist de Noël. 10 titres punk, rock, pop, reggae A tous, un beau Noël fait de partage et de simplicité. Merry Christmas !

Sufjan Stevens – Jingle bells – [instrumental]

Sex pistols - Jingle bells - [punkrock]

Bad religion - Silent night - [punkrock]

Chuck Berry - Run Rudolph Run - [rock]

"Said Santa to a boy child "What have you been longing for? ' All I want for Christmas is a Rock and Roll electric guitar ?' … "

The Beatles - Christmas time is here again - [pop]

The Sonics - Dont' believe in Christmas - [rock]

"…i dont believe in christmas, cause i didnt get nothin' last year…"

Pearl Jam - Santa God - [rock]

"Now and then I remember when,
Us Adults were little Kids,
And our only worry was,
What we get from Santa Claus,

When Santa Claus was God,
When Santa Claus was God,
When Santa was... Santa Claus was...
When Santa Claus was God

Now we're grown and so complex,
In a world that can't relax,
Even though he was a lie,
We all were satisfied…"

Blackalicious - Toy Jackpot - [hip hop]

"Look at all these toys! Im surrounded!
Toys Galore, my own toy store.
everything i ever wanted, and much more.
Open them now. No wait and see.
is it really here? is it about to be?
Is it time yet?"

Bob Marley - Christmas Time - [reggae]

Mogwai- Christmas - [instrumental]