Our new Americans

17 10 2012

The boys:

Kevin comes from Ecuador. He came to the US when he was ten. He is 16 now.

Cristian comes from El Salvador. He’s been living here for five years (since he was 13).

Luis comes from the Dominican Republic. He moved to the US when he was three.

Basile was eight when he left Abidjan to come here. Now he’s 15.

Patrick came here from Ghana when he was twelve years old. He’s 17 now.

All of the boys came to the US because their parents decided to move here for a better life. Basile’s parents chose to come to the US for a better education for their children. All the boys said they would come to the US again if they had the choice, because there are more opportunities here for a better life with a job and a family. Cristian added that he would come here because it’s very dangerous in El Salvador.

As for differences between their countries and the US, Patrick said that unlike the US, there are more taxis in Ghana. He often ate rice there. He wore a uniform to school in Ghana, but not here. It’s very hot in Ghana and it never snows there. Also, in Ghana, you have to pay to use the public internet service.

Kevin and Cristian said that there is more violence in Ecuador and El Salvador. Kevin said that if he wore in Ecuador what he wears here, he would have a lot of problems.

Patrick didn’t have much trouble at school when he came here because he already spoke English and he studies the same subjects in Ghana. Aside from Patrick, the other boys said it was hard to integrate into American life because they spoke other languages. Kevin, Cristian, and Luis spoke Spanish and Basile spoke French. Kevin, Cristian, and Basile had special ELL teachers (English Language Learning). Kevin, especially, had a hard time because there weren’t any teachers who spoke Spanish.

For them, there isn’t really an “American dream”, but they like their lives here.

manon et lucie

13 10 2012


They tell you how you can learn to drive in France

yanice et camille

13 10 2012


what they want to do after their exam

enzo et alan

10 10 2012

ce qu’ils aiment faire


4 10 2012

Hello! we work on the following subject; the new Americans .Could you give us as many answers as possible .That would be very useful! Thank you

where do you come from?

why did you decide to go to the usa

have you got some ancestors who came from another country ?which one and why did they choose the usa

what are the majot differencies between your country of origin and the usa

did you find it easy ton integrate yourself to the American lifestyle

would you do it again if you had the choice