We are back !!

31 01 2013

Sorry for this long break, we were busy with the mock exam. I find this exam was not so difficult and it’s a very good pratice for the real exam at the end of the year. This exam lasted one week, we had eight different exams like english, french, spanish, history, philosophy. For example, in english, we had three hours for a written test and for the oral, we had to speak during forty minutes. We were very concentrated to do it.
Do you have this type of exam ?
I hope to speak to you more.

Here we are again !

31 01 2013

During a few weeks, you didn’t hear about us because of our exams. In fact two weeks ago, we had the « Bac Blanc », a kind of mock exam. We had tests in all the subjects we studied. In English for example, at first we had an oral test : we had to speak about the notion of spaces and exchanges, so speak about the immigration in  America in the past and nowadays. Secondly,  we had to read a text and answer questions about it and finally, write an essay and a dialogue. It was difficult but we survived. So sorry but now, we can exchange with you and speak together.

Goodbye ! (:

Lucie et Manon.

Techless experiences

31 01 2013

Hi everyone. We were very busy these few weeks, with our bac blanc ( mock exam )

and so we didn’t have the time to answer you back.

Just at the moment we’re studying a new subject with our teacher : How to live without technology.

It’s a very interesting topic, we find that it’s important to see how we can cope without technology, how we behave.

As far as we’re concerned, we really feel that we’re too dependant on all those technology devices and it’s a bad thing. We are more isolated and we forget  the most important things in life : speack with eachoter but not behind all those screans. We must change our habits.

We’re going to start a special experience with our class : Try to live without using computer, internet without cellphones and all those social networks. We are going to write our feelings about it in a diary and how it can change us.

Could you do the same ? If not, why ?


Good luck and see how we can survive.

Camille and Yanice.