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13 10 2014














pep rally

6 10 2014

Kevin :











Willow, Molly, et Dina :

willow, molly, dina











Macey et Ranjana (et les jolis cheveux de Jessi) :

macey, ranjana, jessi











Kevyn (à droite) :












Shelbie et Caroline :

shelbie, caroline











Basile et Viola :

basile, viola












2 10 2014

Everybody in the classroom have these compulsory lessons : French literature, History and Geography, English literature, Sport, Philosophy, Spanish or German and English.

For the spanish or the german, we must choose between both : It’s either spanish or german.

So in english and in spanish (or german), we learn the language, we work with texts. Sometimes, we have an Englishman or an Englishwoman and a Spanish who comes  in France to teach us their language with our teachers, like assistants. They stay in France a few months then go back to their countries. It’s cool because these  people are always 20-25 years old , so they are more close to us.

In french literature, it’s the study of two french books. This year, we study the novel « Madame Bovary » by Gustave Flaubert and the book of poems « Les Mains libres » by Paul Eluard and Man Ray. We study writers of these books, their lives and these two books.

In philosophy, we must think about questions like « Do you believe that life has a  meaning ? » We must read texts, study great philosophers of the history. It’s interesting but we must hold on

In history and geography, we study the World War II, the conflicts of today, the world organization…

In sport, we do athlectics, we play volleyball and badminton, we dance, we do step. The step, it’s up and down a step with a choregraphy.

In English literature, we study the english literature in general (or the australian literature, or the american literature, in fact the literature in the english language).

We must also choose an option among : mathematics, english speciality and cinema. Us, we chose the english speciality so that’s why we talk to you. For those who chose the cinema, they analyze movies and write scripts. We don’t have sciences and physics and chemistry because we are in literature, so languages, history and geography and philosophy are very important but the scientific lessons not really.

They’re our lessons 😉



Our timetable

1 10 2014

So we are in our last year in our highschool, during 3 years, we were in the same building, usually the same classrooms but every years it’s the timetable the thing which changes our life of students.

Some years, the timetable is cool, we finish early, we begin late, but other years the timetable can be horrible. This year, our class has an average timetable  

Monday, we are beginning at 10 am with two hours of philosophy and we are finishing at 5:30 pm with two hours of sport.

Tuesday, we are beginning at 8 am with two hours of History and Geography and we finish at 4;30 pm (the spanish teacher adds for us an hour *sob*)

Wednesday, the same as tuesday at the beginning exept the lesson, it’s one hour of english. We are finishing with an hour of History- Geography at 12 am.

Thursday, we are beginning at 10 am, exept the filmmakers who beginn at 8 am, at 10 am we have philosophy. We are finishing the schoolday with two hours of english speciality at 4:30 pm.

Friday, we are beginning with two hours of philosophy at 8 am and we are finishing with two hours of History and Geography at 4:30 pm.


Between 9:53 am and 10:07 in the morning and 15:25 and  15:35 in the afternoon, we have a break. Between each lesson we have five minutes to go from one classroom to another classroom. The lunch time lasts 1:30 and begins at 12:01 am.

In terminal L we have a lot of different lessons: If I gather all types of english lessons (literature, speciality and random) we have 7 hours of english. We have also between 8 and 10 hours of philosophy (It depends on the week), 5 or 6 hours of History and Geography, 3 hours of spanish and 2 hours of sport. Some students of our class have several hours of « Cinema-Adiovisual », german or mathematics  additional or in parallel of our lessons of english speciality.


I try to adapt myself to this timetable but it’s not easy at the beginning of the year.