13 10 2015

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    Je m’appelle Paige Hinman. Je suis en première à Taconic High School.  Je fais du cross pour l’équipe du lycée. J’aime les amis que j’ai rencontré donc je reste dans l’equipe. Le week-end prochain, on va aller à une rencontre à Rhode Island à l’université de Brown. Nous partons vendredi et nous passons la nuit en Rhode Island.  Le jour d’après est la rencontre. Nous courons mais nous dansons et nous mangeons et nous rigolons aussi. Je suis très enthousiaste pour le voyage.  Je joue aussi à la crosse au printemps. Je joue à la crosse depuis la sixième.  Je joue à lacrosse dans l’équipe première.

    À part les sports, j’aime beaucoup la musique.  J’écoute le rap et le pop et tous les autres genres, mais pas le western. Maintenant j’écoute beaucoup de Halsey et Drake. J’aime aussi regarder les films dans mon temps libre. J’aime les drames mais j’aime les films d’action aussi.  Mon films prefere sont Stuck in Love, le série Fast and Furious, et beaucoup d’autre. Je regarde beaucoup de séries de télévision. Maintenant j’adore America’s Next Top Model, Teen Wolf et The Fosters.

    J’aime passer mon temps libre avec mes amies parce qu’elles sont très important à moi. Mes meilleurs amies s’appellent Carli, Rachel, Kelsey, et Lily. Nous aimons aller à café pour notre rendez-vous. Mes amis gars sont appelés Nick, Cody, Ivan, et Matt. Je les ai connu pour beaucoup d’année. Ils sont pratiquement ma famille. (Une photo de nous est en pièce jointe.

J’espère avoir bientôt de tes nouvelles 🙂


11 10 2015

Hi !

I’m Eline and I’m 16, I live in Douarnenez.  I study in Jean Marie Le Bris and I’m in the S section (sciences with a lot of maths, physics, biology). I’ve got a sister who is 21 and a cat, I’m short and I’ve got brown hair and brown eyes. My birthday is on 20th august, I practise volley-ball in a club. I like almost all kind of music except rap and classical music, I love sport, going out with my friends and watching TV or film or series.

I want to travel later for my studies or just with friends, I would really like to go in Australia and in the USA, England or Argentina too. I like cooking as preparing pre-dinner or dessert.

Bye !! See you soon !

Laure & Daniella

11 10 2015

Hi! Our names are Laure and Daniella and we’re from a small town called douarnenez, situated in Brittany, in France.

We’re students in Jean-Marie Lebris.


Laure: I am 17, and Dani is 15.

Daniella: We are both in 1ere (12th grade) in class Euro, a class for those who love english. It’s only twice a week though.

Laure: What we like to do during our free time is: drawing, eating, dancing like crazy (and even more when we listen to KPOP, bless you if you know what it is (⌒▽⌒) ), baking and a lot of other things!

Daniella: What else can we say… I was born in Madagascar, I came in France when I was about 1 year old.

Laure: And I have 2 sisters and 1 brother… And 2 cats!

Daniella & Laure: We guess that’s all we have to say. Goodbye then!



8 10 2015

Hello !

My name is Enzo. I’m 16 years old, I live in Douarnenez in Brittany. My birthday is the first January.I’m in a secondary year in high school in 1 scientific. I have one brother who is 12 years old and three cats. I practise soccer in a club and I like music.

Bye !


8 10 2015

Hello I’m Manon, I’m 15, nearly 16 years old. I’m in 1S, so I study science mainly, but I really wish I could one day work in art or graphism. I’m short and I have short blue hair. I live in Douarnenez. I like a lots of music, but not one type in particular. I have two sisters but we’re not very close.



8 10 2015

imageHello !     My name is Mildred, I’m 16 and I live in Douarnenez. I study in Jean-Marie le Bris, I am in Première S ( it’s a scientific class, a lot of maths, physics and biology ). I have one brother, he is 19. I’ve got 3 cats. I like music, I practice too cello.                                                                           Bye!


8 10 2015

Sans titreHi ! I’m Loïc, but Mili calls me « Loulou » (it’s the best nickname ever…) but you can use it if you want to. So I’m 16 and I study sciences in Jean Marie le Bris. I learn english too !

I like jokes, going out and ing good time with my friends. I love cooking biscuits or desserts particularly some american specialities but not everything… Some of your specialities are…very strange (without wishing to offend you obviously ! ). I’m not very sporty so I don’t practise any sport but I like skateboarding occasionally. I enjoy listening to rock and electro music.

See you soon !


8 10 2015


I’m Thomas from Brittany! I’m 15 because I’ve one year ahead and  I live in Pont-Croix temporarily and soon in Audierne. I’m in a second year in the scientific section in Jean Marie Le Bris. I’m brown-haired with brown eyes. I’m sporty: I  practise handball 2 times a week and I ride a bike a lot. I love spending time with my friends and laughing with them. When I’m not outside, I spend the time on the computer: I watch videos and series like Game of Thrones(obviously), Black Sails or Narcos, but I think that my favourite, with GoT, is Sherlock. I like reading books and listening to music too. I listen to pop, rock and electro music from the 70’s until now.

Later, I would like to be an engineer in physics, electricity or electronics, I’ll see.. Otherwise, I’ve different projects for my future:  travels, experience of life and I’m looking forward to doing it.

I expect to hear from you soon


8 10 2015

Hi! I’m Mathilde!

I’m 16. I study in Jean Marie Le Bris in 1ere STMG (which means Sciences and Technology of Management). I live in Douarnenez. I have two half sisters and a cat. I practise windsurfing and I like watching series (Games of Thrones, Grey’s Anatomy, Orange is the New Black, …).

Bye !

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4 10 2015

Hello I’m Théo from Jean-Marie Le Bris High School, I’m 16 and I’m in second year, in the scientific file. I love spend time doing nothing and sleeping, I don’t practice any sport, but I’m not lazy. I love watching movies like, A Clockwork Orange and City of Gods are my favourite ones. I like watching series too, especially Breaking Bad, True Detective and Fargo which are the best ones for me. The most of my time I’m listening to music, my favourite artists are King Krule and Tom Vek.