Questions about our cultural differences, such as food.

13 01 2016

Bonjour!! Je m’appelle Paige…. I have noticed that Americans like to point out the specific food we eat, while you guys pointed out times and practices that we do and you do! So, I was wondering if in France, you all pay more attention to practices, like sitting down with your family and eating dinner, and time scheduling, which we do not do as often?! Also do you have some of the American foods, that we sometimesIMG_0841 eat, in Douarnenez? In America, specifically  in Pittsfield Massachusetts, we sometimes eat French foods, such as crêpes, macarons and croissants. A Noël, j’ai fait de bûche de noël avec le chocolat et moka et des framboises. Madame a dit, « c’est délicieux ! »



Une réponse à “Questions about our cultural differences, such as food.”

2 02 2016
tristankdz (16:17:44) :

Crêpes are the best food ever !
For the question about american food, we eat a lot of american food i also like to eat bacon and of course the hamburger with coke!
See you !

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