12 lessons we can learn about french eating

2 02 2016

Yes, We agree with the narrator just if he speaks about the french myth, but there is exaggeration about what he says.

How you eat depends on your education. We think anyone learns how to eat correctly when he is young, not only french people. When he speaks about the behaviour of the french people whith the meals, we don’t agree because for us, we eat in front of the tv and our computer sometimes and we have cup holders in our cars, but not in our caddies. The french people are like american people when they are hungry they snack, often it’s the teenagers who eat when they want !

In France, the obesity exists too, a lot of people are on a diet like you, for example sporty people eat a lot of meat, proteines to develop their muscles.

The author thinks the french people eat great all the time but it’s not realistic !

The french children eat like their parents but when they are young they don’t like  »french » food.

At the dinners it’s recommended to eat light to sleep well not only in France. Sometimes, we can eat pizza or fastfood before going to sleep.

Some people eat food like ice-cream, potatoes chips, chocolate etc but they don’t get fat because they eat with moderation and other people eat a lot but they do a lot of exercices so they burn calories. There are people who eat junk food and get fat too.

French children must eat all the food that their parents offer them, even if they don’t like it, they must taste it.

During a meal we prefer to drink water, but for special occasion we can drink wine for adults and soda for children.

Often during a meal french people take their time to eat because they speak at the same time and they are not stuffed at the end of the meal.

In french families treats are authorized just for special occasion but in other families, they can eat sweets all days. French people prefer to cook at processed food.


Maëlle and Mélinda.



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