Basic Brittany gastronomy

18 02 2016

In France, all the family eat together in the kitchen or in the dining room but we don’t eat like the irish or the british in the living room, in front of the TV.

Do you have some semi-salted butter in America ? In Brittany we have that and we love it ! If you don’t eat it in brittany you have a bad reputation and people can say you’re not breton.

« Crêpes » are also a good brittany food and all people in the world love it ! You too I’m sure ! Enjoy you’re meal !

I don’t know what I can add but we eat some dishes of other countries like you.

Tomorrow it’s « Les Gras »in Douarnenez, we’ll enjoy it! Make some research about that.


See you & Be safe Tristan/Théo




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