Different habits and cultures of eating

18 02 2016

We had three family portraits and their habits of consumption to compare. The first and the third are american, and the second is french. On the first, we can see that the family buy the products in high quantity (maybe for economic reasons ?), but we can notice a lot of vacuum-packed food, sodas and fast-food. On the french family portrait, the food is composed of vacuum-packed food too, but there are some fruits and vegetables. Moreover, they present plates with food, that is to  show an idea of cooking which doesn’t appear on the first family portrait. The french habits of consumption look, by far, better than american habits. But, the third portrait shows an american family with different habits than the first, andit  is nearly the same as the french example. In fact, we can talk about an “americanisation” in France, it is true that the american fast-food isvery popular in our country, but it can destroy our culture like the “art of the table” and the high quality of cooking. To say that the americans eat fast food only is a cliché.

After this, we had two photographs which show a kind of contest of eating, one in France, another in USA. In the photograph of the american contest, there are four candidates standing in  front of a lot of people and cheerleaders. The photographs look more like  a screenshot because of the score which appears on the bottom, and we can notice that this kind of competition is an event that give a lot of media coverage. On the french photograph, the candidates are sitting in front of a table and a plate with chips, but there are  not a lot of people like the american example. In France, this is not a very popular thing. For us, this kind of entertainment is ridiculous and mad.

The last photgraph shows a hamburger with foie-gras, all nicely presented. This is like a blending of  both cultures, which is quite interesting.

Margot and Mildred.



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