Globalisation of taste

18 02 2016



We had question in French and we translated them for you and answer in English too. And we give our opinion too in the last question.



<– Here’s the map where there were questions



Localize the places of coffee, tea and beer origin. How this drinks had diffused in the world ?

Tea : East of China, Coffee : Near East, Beer : Western Europe

They were brought by the colonisation in different countries.

Why are pizza and hamburger « best sellers » of taste ?

They are very famous because they are eaten in all  the world and everybody like them.

Why in metropolis and touristic places are the most place taste’s mix ?

In these places there are a lot of people and as they come from different countries they bring their food culture, so some years after, in these places, food tradition of countries are mixed.

What are the big regions of the world which change the evolution of the taste ?

There are Europe USA and East Asia because they are rich regions, so other countries can take them as example.

Can we really speak about a globalisation of taste ?

We can speak about a globalisation of taste because sometimes when you go in a country as in France you can eat some food of other countries as pizza hamburger sushi.

In our point of view it’s made for tourism to have as many customers as possible.

But according to us it’s not  completely a globalisation of taste because in rich countries we don’t eat food from poor region and often we don’t like other food that we don’t know.

According to you, and with our answers of the question, what is the globalisation of taste ? And what is your point of view ?

P.S : We made a map with the legend translated in English for you, but we can’t find it again.

Mathilde et Eline



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