The french paradox

18 02 2016

In France, there is a huge paradox that most  people don’t understand. This one is that french people are everyday eating one of the fatest food in the world.

At first , you can easily believe that, for example, eating too much butter, cream or cheese could be very bad for your health. But it isn’t ! In fact, the bad things like saturated fats are cancelled by the qualities of this same food like veracity, freshness and a lot of other things.

Also, you must all know that french people are known for drinking wine at almost every meal. It is true for most of us ! We love wine, and on the opposite to what  most  people think, it’s very good for the health. One or two glass of one per day makes your health better, helping the cardiovasculary disease, that is scientificly proved.

Finally, there has been a « food culture » for decades, or even centuries it is french what  makes french people eat slowly (for  most  them) since the childhood. It helps them to digest much better and keep their health right. All these good points of french food are not because of genes or something like that, it’s because of culture, the french culture.

About me, this is not really true because in a way it’s true that we eat a lot of cheese, butter and we drink a lot of wine but we have limits. French people who eat too much things like that are fat, because the good points of fat foods are true only if you don’t abuse of them. Eating too much fat food will drive you fat, that’s why most of the french poeple appreciate these little pleasures of life with moderation.



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