27 04 2016

Bonjour ! My name is Lynsey. Madame Cusson told my class you guys don’t have Prom in France. So, since I was asked to go, I decided to fill you guys in on my prom experience through blog entries! This is my first prom, since I am only a sophomore (Grade 10). The prom at my school is for Juniors (Grade 11) and Seniors (Grade 12), but Sophomores can go, only if they are asked. I was asked by a Junior. There also is a theme to each Prom. This year is « Arabian Nights. » In past years, it has been « Candyland » and « Under the Sea. » Prom is very formal, fancy dresses, heels and tuxedos are the typical apparel. I recently bought my dress (photos attached below). It is long, black and beaded. The Prom dates usually coordinate their outfits. But you do not need a date to go to Prom. People can go alone or with a group of friends. Plus, students usually arrive in cool cars, like an Ice cream Truck or a Limo! When Prom comes closer I will get my nails and hair done the day of the dance. I will have more details soon! Till Next Time, Lynsey 🙂

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