25 09 2014

EvaHi ! First I want to tell you i’m really happy to correspond with your class , I’m sure it’s gonna be very cool and exiting !
So I begin to introduce my self , My name is Eva , i’m 18 ( I doubled a class in secondary school ) I’m in terminale L and I like it , i just decided to specialize in english , before i studied cinema during three years , even if it was my passion i decided to stop it. After high schoool i want to do something like study for a job in communication or art . I’m a really curious person , i love discovering new things , new people , and the thing which i prefer is travelling,  two years ago i travelled with my best friend in an assocition ,we went in ukrainia and bulgaria to make humanitarian work , it was a really good experience ! the next destination is your country ! I have already begun to organize everything, I’ve worked one month in a restaurant bar café to pay for trip . Otherwise I have a little brother aged 15 years old and a big dog who is called Aston . I like making experiences whatever they are, this summer i learned to cook by doing voluntary work at festival with friends    i’m verry oppen minded , I love music festivals so much . For me the thing the most important is my friends and share moments with them.

Bye ! Eva


18 09 2014

Hello I’m Catherine, I’m 17 years old. I live with my parents and my brother with who I’m really close, espacially with my brother :).

Moreover I like the arts, sports as gym, swim and VTT( and sometimes my brother come with me running but is more me who come with him hahaha)  :).  After the high school I hope attend to a language university to learn more about the different cultur and countries( and mostly to travel overseas  hahaha).  I went in Portuguese and England so only in Europe for the moment . But after my exams, I want to go in Colombia to visit my friend and maybe pass by a town of the United states before or after to go to Bogota  ( but i’m still not sure that depends if my trend is good or not  ).  I like several genres of music, electro, american old rap, and spanish music :). What’s more ? I don’t know what can I  add :)! I wish you will write me 🙂 Have a nice day! See you 😛


18 09 2014

P1010666bHi ! I’m Matthieu Guellec, the only one boy in the class (The english specialist class). I’m 17, my birthday is in May.

Like a lot of my classmate (I think) I live in Douarnenez, a little town in Brittany (the western region of France). I study in the college Jean-Marie Le Bris. I have  a little brother and my parents.

I like the History and the Geography, video games, mangas, the computer. Outside the school, I make brasilian music with a group.

Nice to meet you.


18 09 2014

My name is Louise and i’m 18. I have 4 half-brothers and the same number of cats. I’m in « Terminale L » and I like learning english but I don’t want to go in University next year because I’m hurried to work. I want to help people in my life, so I think I want to be animator for old people. I like aged people they always have some interessant story to tell, thanks to their long life, and I guess this job is fantastic and very important for help us to communicate and comfort them with activities.

I like reading and writing, walking in beautiful landscapes (seaside, countryside…), playing video games like Minecraft for example, watching TV series (more english than american) like Doctor Who or Game of Thrones … I like fantasy and science fiction, and I’m really love the universe of Tim Burton and I love this wife too, she’s an excellent actress for me and I like this style. I spend a lot of time with cats, because they are funny and really attachant.
I’m a little bit shy, but I think I’m a funny person. I love laughing and talking with people. Sometimes I’m very sensitive and it makes me impulsive, because I hate to be more emotive than most people.

I’m very happy to correspond with you, I think it could be interesting and cool !

See you soon !


18 09 2014

Hi !! I’m Ynys and I’m in my last year in high school.  Next year I want to go to Ottawa for one year to learn english because i want to work in the communication.

After school, I do horse riding and french boxing because I have the competition spirit but I’m not violent however. I love piercings and tattoos. I’m a huge fan of rock music, like the Doors, System of a Down or Pink Floyd.

I hope we will get on well together ! 🙂IMG_1724

See you !!


18 09 2014

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