6 03 2015

I’m going to speak to you about fashion in France
To begin with I think  fashion is important in France, not for everybody , not everywhere but I think it’s an important aspect of Paris for example , French people in the capital get dressed carefully .When I went to Paris I noticed people are very careful about their clothes because it’s a kind of society of appearence , I think the way how you get dressed can determine really what you are and what is your professional life , indeed people really want to show what they are through their clothes and accesories . Moreover I have an american friend who makes her studies in Paris and the things that she loves the most since she is in Paris it’s to adopt the fashion of Paris, she loves to  dress like someone who lives in the capital with lots of different ways one day casual then more strict , sometimes more smart , she loves wearing big felt hats for example . If you have heard about Paris fashion week i think that it’s taking place at the moment i believe that it exists also in new york . Now it’s the parade « prêt-à-porter » clothes that everybody can wear and can buy for example .

French food (yummy !!)

5 03 2015

I decided to choose this subject because I reaaaaally like to eat and to cook, that’s why I decided to show you my favourite (and really simple) recipe, we call that a Quatre Quart. You can eat it for the breakfast or the snack (with some Nutella, it’s delicious 😉 ).

If you want to you can add some chocolate in your preparation and you have a perfect cake for your dessert.

Let’s talk about French food, in France, we really like to eat, it’s an important part of our life. We spend time at table with our family in the evening and we talk about our life, or our day looking at television. In a meal we have three steps : appetizers, main course and dessert, some people add cheese and salad between the main course and the dessert (but personally I hate cheese).  What we can’t do without is bread, we eat a lot of bread (with salt butter in Brittany).

At school we can’t take the time, we eat really quickly to have some free time with our friends outside of the school. Moreover, the food is not really good every day.

At christmas for examples we eat with our family a lot of good meals, wen have some chicken, turkey etc… But personally, I celebrate christmas with my parents and my little brother the 24th december and we don’t eat some fat dishes because we don’t like that, so we eat some fruits !

People in France

5 03 2015

The French people are mostly like the Americans, we have both a western culture but the French have some habits and traditions different from yours.

At first a lot of French people are interested in politics, they usually have an opinion about one or another politician or party. It can explain why we like debates but we don’t always have interesting talks, most of the time we talk about our life, the events around us, the news…


French people like to eat, it depends on the families but usually we eat the breakfeast (petit déjeuner 7h-10h), lunch (déjeuné 12h-13h), snack (goûter 16h-17h) and dinner (dîner or souper 19h-20h30). Usually we eat slowly when we have free time (15 minutes – 1h) but some people eat with all the members of their families for some events like birthdays, a lunch during one of these events can be very long, for me usually the lunch begins at 2 pm and finishes at 5 pm. In France and specifically in Brittany, we have another moment when we eat and drink, it is the « apéritif » or the « apéro » (we drink more than we eat), that’s why the long lunch finishes before 18 pm, 18 pm is the « apéritif » time.

I don’t know anything about fashion but I know that some French people like to go shopping however usually we don’t wear treandy clothes, we dress like you except during some events (weddings, parties …).

In France we have a kind of tradition, when we are angry, we show it, we have a lot of demonstrations in our country with sometimes some accidents and damages.



I hope I gave you some information about us, see you.