the french pastry

9 12 2015

Hello! We are Daniella and Mildred, and today we will speak about the french pastry. We will show you two pastries, our favorites, very famous in France we eat them as a dessert or snack.

blog mille feuilles

•Voici, le mille feuilles, c’est une pâtisserie faite à partir de pâte feuilleté, de crème pâtissière à la vanille mais elle peut être aussi à d’autres parfums (au chocolat, café…) et le tout recouvert d’une glaçage. It’s a delicious pastry!

blog macaron

•Here are macaroons (macarons in french!), it’s a little cake which can be at all the flavor!


9 12 2015

Hi, I’m Manon, and I’m going to talk about what I love in the autumn.

IMG_1782First, during the three months of autumn, the sun is rising later and later every morning, so we see the stars and the moon in the night sky when the weather is clear, and it usually is The night appears early and ends late, and I like
night, so I like this.  Then, when we’re at school normally, around nine o’clock, the sun’s rising is making the sky have beautiful colors, like pink, orange, yellow, purple…anyway, I really enjoy looking at that in the morning. In autumn, there are some clouds, but they usually look like a big layer of cotton among us.

IMG_1787An other thing I like in fall, is that we start to wear sweaters and long coats, we can put a lot of clothes at the same time to keep us warm, and it’s very comfy.  An other great thing we can start to wear in this season is scarves. Big and comfy scarves.

  When I was little, For me fall was the best season of the year, because it’s my birthday’s season. Now, I don’t really care, at least less than when I was a kid.

 Of course, during the autumn, there are the red leaves which light up the landscape, and it’s gorgeous, especially because I love red , yellow, orange colors. The leaves are also going down, and it’s kind of sad in a way, but it’s beautiful to see pieces of yellow, orange or red  flying, particularly near the sea. The sea changes its colors too. It’s more a green greyish-blue than a turquoise blue  like we can have in the summer. With these particular elements, we can make a very pleasant  walk in the wood, near the sea, with some music. In this season, birds are leaving, so there is a multitude of tiny flying things on the wire, and they move in groups of very little birds, but they are so many that they look like a big dark mass in the sky. It’s like everything is going to sleep, it’s calm, quiet. The winter is settling down, and I like that, I prefer cold seasons, like winter or fall than summer or spring, where the heat is everywhere.

IMG_1788 With the coldness coming, we start to have a fire in the chimney and it’s beautiful and so warm and pleasant, when you go home after a long day at schoolWith the coldness and the clouds, comes the rain, but it’s not a big rain which makes you feel like you must have a cold shower with all your clothes, it’s a thin rain, which just slightly wets you, and with my blue hair, I have to put a lot of hair product on my hair, and with slightly wet hair, my head smell a mix of hair products, and I really like this smell, it’s like going out of the hairdresser everytime there is some thin rain.

So, it’s kind of messy, but for all that reasons I really enjoy fall and it’s stil my favorite season, like when I was little.


4 12 2015

We are Mili, Thomas and Loïc and we will try to speak about Brittany, there are many things that we would like say.

In Brittany, we can see a lot of landscapes completely amazing and they change every day, every hour, every minute. It’s never the same colors. It’s really pleasurable when you walk along the ocean and that we have the wind which makes your cheeks feel cold and which plays with your hair.



It’s a myth, it’s not raining all the time in Brittany but it’s true, the sea is very cold. There’s a lot of legends in Brittany, it’s a land of legends like the story of Kaamelot and the king Arthur in the wood of Broceliande. So in this country, we can listen to the Korrigan’s story and we can hear the ghost’s howls in Douarnenez where the sound of the tower bell of the city la Ville d’Ys resonates in the Baie des Trépassés  It’s a country where the stories are alive



 Brittany is  a maritime region and when we ask someone to speak of Brittany, he will speak with you about the sea and the boats. This is the country of sailors. The wind in the main-sail and the sound of the boat’s ropes make some echos in  most of Brittany.



24 11 2015

Hi ! My name is Maëlle Beslic I’m 15, but my birthday is the 18th December ! I study in Jean Marie Le Bris and I’m in 1e S (scientific class).

I live in Quimper, I have 2 brothers, I’m a swimmer, I love music (5 Seconds Of Summer, and all others musics…) I love speak English and I would like study in Australia, I don’t know what I want to do in my futur. I love sing with my bestfriend but I don’t play guitar and I would like. I love go outside with my friends and I love go to the cinema !

Bye !



Typical Breton food

17 11 2015

Hello !

We are Eline and Emma and today, we want to speak about some food which is typical and very popular here in britany. A Lot of bretons love this food and if you go in Britany, you will have to eat them !

  • Les Crêpes



      C’est une recette bretonne très célèbre. Tout le monde aime ça ici, c’est vraiment bon ! C’est semblable à vos pancakes mais c’est juste plus grand et plus fin. C’est fait avec du lait, de la farine, des oeufs et du sucre. On peut les manger avec tout, du salé comme du sucré !


  • Les Galettes de blé noir


galette-sarrasin-sans-glutenIt’s like crêpes but it’s made with different flavour and the taste is different. We eat this with egg, jam, cheese and other possibilities





  • Le Kouign-aman

kouignC’est une recette typique de notre ville, Douarnenez, c’est un gateau très bon mais très gras ! Il est à base de beurre principalement et de sucre ! c’est vraiment très bon !






  • Le caramel


C’est encore une spécialité, c’est de faire fondre du beurre et du sucre pour faire un liquide brun très sucré. On s’en sert pour manger avec des crêpes ou on peut faire des bonbons !



Football in Brittany Mathis & Enzo

17 11 2015

In brittany , football is realy popular because many people practise it .

In Douarnenez there are three football clubs, The FC Douanenez is the most lousy club because noboby wants to play there . The second club is Stella maris and it’s the rival of the Gas d’ys .  Gas D’ys est le meilleur club de Douarnenez car les joueurs de U17 sont les plus forts de France grâce à leur entraineur Sheguey Bob qui a deja entraine le FC Lorient ainsi que le FC Barcelone.





Terrorist attack in Paris – Joris and Theo

17 11 2015

Hi, we are going to speak about the attack which took place in Paris last Friday, the thirteen.+

It was a usual night, Parisians were outside, drinking and talking in bars, supporting their team in the « Stade de France », in the football match that opposed France against Germany, or even listening to a concert with friends or family.

At about 10 pm, shots were heard by parisians in the streets of 10th and 11th « arrondissement » (districts), and everything went one after another : There were in total 5 exchanges of gunfire, including the one in the Bataclan, and kamikaze bombing near the « Stade de France. »

In the Bataclan people were having good time when some terrorists came with Kalashnikovs and opened fire on everybody.

There were 129 people who died, 350 injured and millions of shoked people.

After these sad events, there was an impetus of solidarity from the french nation, and even other countries. These terrorist acts mean nothing but hate, and people are not afraid of them and decided to go on, not to be afraid.

Nous sommes, comme tous les français, choqués de ce déchainement de violence. Dans notre lycée nous avons fait une minute de silence en hommage aux nombreuses victimes de cet attentat horrible, pour nous c’était important d’être là. Nous nous posons beaucoup de questions c’est pour cela qu’on regarde les informations à la télévision.

See you !

Pray for Paris – Mathilde & Tristan

17 11 2015

So the first emotion we have is rage against the Terrorists who insult us of coward or « couffa » but it’s not us who come in another country to kill brave people who just want to live it up with the values of France who have their own culture and their liberty. Wait a minute we will recap the event.

The Attack happened like that! So during the soccer match between France and Germany three explosions were heard by the people. In the same time, 3 terrorists opened fire on citizens in the X and the XI districts at 3 times. After the explosions of these terrorists, the other terrorists went to the Bataclan and at the end of this bad day we counted 129 deaths and 250 wounded among these people 99 were in serious condition.

Daesh justified this attack by an announcement where they said it was to answer to the bombing  french attack in Syria they want to make us feel bad like us in their country. In their opinion, it’s Allah who tells them to kill us but no God says to kill people.

Selon nous, ces attentats n’ont aucune raison d’être car tuer des innocents est un crime inqualifiable, cela ne résoud rien. Nous avons été profondemment attristé par le nombre de victime et nous nous sentons touché même si nous n’y étions pas car c’est notre Pays nos Valeurs et nos Convictions. And you how do you feel about this attack ? We have notice the support of all country in the World and we are affected by them.

See you later.

Pray for Paris ♥ !

Breton Dances

17 11 2015

This is a traditional dancing, we dance it during « Fest-noz » → it’s a party where there are Breton dances and Breton songs.

We wear a traditional costume, we dance with it, we dance with a partner or in a circle with everybody.

There is a dance that everybody knows, we dance by holding each other with the little finger in a circle.

During the dance there is music, with bagpipes, bombard, drums…

Il y a differents noms de danses bretonnes, comme «La Polka». Aujourd’hui encore toutes les générations pratiquent cette danse.

Il existe des défilés de danse bretonne qui consistent à faire le tour d’une grande pistetout en dansant sur la musique en costume.

Nous  pensons que la danse Bretonne est importante en Bretagne, elle existe depuis longtemps, c’est une vraie tradition, et cela est bien parce que tout le monde la danse, elle est toujours d’actualité.

Comme la plupart de nos grands parents savent danser ces danses, les enfants peuvent apprendre avec eux !

index costumsdanseseuro jykyu dfhrtjn ffffffff

Maëlle and Mélinda. Bye !


11 10 2015

Hi !

I’m Eline and I’m 16, I live in Douarnenez.  I study in Jean Marie Le Bris and I’m in the S section (sciences with a lot of maths, physics, biology). I’ve got a sister who is 21 and a cat, I’m short and I’ve got brown hair and brown eyes. My birthday is on 20th august, I practise volley-ball in a club. I like almost all kind of music except rap and classical music, I love sport, going out with my friends and watching TV or film or series.

I want to travel later for my studies or just with friends, I would really like to go in Australia and in the USA, England or Argentina too. I like cooking as preparing pre-dinner or dessert.

Bye !! See you soon !