nearly the end of the schoolyear

29 05 2011

Thank you for the big box and everything you had put inside

It was very kind

Thank you for the articles you published

they were very interesting

have a nice time

la classe des term spe

Apres Taconic

10 04 2011

Apres Taconic, je voudrais serais une astronaute. Les astronautes va a espace et faire les expérimentes scientifique. C’est très intéressant. Mais en les Etats-Unis, NASA, le « National Air and Space Association » pour qui tout les astronautes travaille, n’est pas embauche, alors ma travaille future avoir des ennuis.  A étais une astronaute, je dois attend l’université.  Je voudrais d’étudier l’ingénierie d’aérospatial, parce que c’est la course préfère des astronautes, et aussi, j’aime cette occupation.  Pour l’université, je vais aller au Syracuse Université, une école très grande, avec  17,000 étudiants.

18 03 2011

My plans after school!

After school, I want to  go to university, I don’t know yet what I want to do in the future but it will be probably something in relation with international business or languages. Next year, I will learn English, Chinese and economics, law, management… The studies last three years, and if I want, I can continue for two years. After the qualification of the « BAC », it’s very easy to go to university, almost everyone can be accepted. But, in university, we must be serious because there is  a big rate of drop outs more and less fifty percent!


18 03 2011



                                 Trip in england                      

Monday am     1) visit of London , all the famous monuments2)Walking tour in covent garden
Monday pm Tour of the Bbc tv center and free time with the host families
Tuesday am Visit of the British museum
Tuesday pm 1)Visit of the mall in/Westfield2) visit of a fire station in Redbourn and interview of firemen working there and back in hemel hempstead
Wednesday am Visit of the Tate modern
Wednesday pm Shopping inOxford street and visit of a pub in redbourn and back in hemel
Thursday am Mme tussaud’s 
Thursday pm 1)Portsmouth maritime museumVisit of the victory and lookgunwharf quay  meal in a fish and chip restaurant
Friday am Back in france

Nice to have some fresh air

18 03 2011

a nice photographer in portsmouth

18 03 2011

inside a pub after a long day!

18 03 2011

waiting for the queen? outside Buckingham palace

18 03 2011

sunny day just outside the British museum

18 03 2011

18 03 2011

What I’m going to do after the high school 🙂

Well, I have different plans from the other students in my class. I’m really interested in hairdresser work, and that’s why I’m going to a school which isn’t a university. So, next year, I will learn all about hairstyling and also, I will work in a hair salon and earn money too.

But, because I will have the qualification of the « BAC » I’m not going to do 2 years but only one in order to have the diploma, and after, I will prepare a specialisation who will allow me to open a hair salon or be in charge of  one.

I’m interested in teaching hairstyling, maybe a future job ? Or open my own salon ? I don’t really know yet. 🙂

I thought about university too, if I’m not accepted to the hairdresser school, or if I change my mind. I took the specialisation in English. All about English because I really love this language but I don’t really know yet what to do with this specialisation. Maybe become a teacher but, it’s not a real desire. 🙂