18 03 2011

My plans after school!

After school, I want to  go to university, I don’t know yet what I want to do in the future but it will be probably something in relation with international business or languages. Next year, I will learn English, Chinese and economics, law, management… The studies last three years, and if I want, I can continue for two years. After the qualification of the « BAC », it’s very easy to go to university, almost everyone can be accepted. But, in university, we must be serious because there is  a big rate of drop outs more and less fifty percent!


18 03 2011

What I’m going to do after the high school 🙂

Well, I have different plans from the other students in my class. I’m really interested in hairdresser work, and that’s why I’m going to a school which isn’t a university. So, next year, I will learn all about hairstyling and also, I will work in a hair salon and earn money too.

But, because I will have the qualification of the « BAC » I’m not going to do 2 years but only one in order to have the diploma, and after, I will prepare a specialisation who will allow me to open a hair salon or be in charge of  one.

I’m interested in teaching hairstyling, maybe a future job ? Or open my own salon ? I don’t really know yet. 🙂

I thought about university too, if I’m not accepted to the hairdresser school, or if I change my mind. I took the specialisation in English. All about English because I really love this language but I don’t really know yet what to do with this specialisation. Maybe become a teacher but, it’s not a real desire. 🙂


My plans after school !

18 03 2011

After school, I want to study for 2 years in Quimper or Brest to have a degree « BTS » which accelerates getting jobs. But I will go certainly to University because It’s very selective and it’s especially the pupils in » Bac technologique » who  study « BTS ». I think that I will go to University in Lorient to study  » action social et management  » or to university in Brest to study STAPS :  » Sciences et techniques des activités physiques et sportives  » for 3 years.  I hope that I can go to Quimper the next year because I don’t want to go far away from home !

Next year

18 03 2011

After passing my exam I would like to do a year of preparation to enter an art school. Let me explain: some pupils, this year, are studying art so next year they will manage to enter art schools andI won’t  because I’m studying general subjects (maths, geography…). So the next year will be a kind of year to catch up art courses.

To enter this year of preparation I have to send my report card of this year and the last one, a letter which shows my motivation and for some school drawings.

We have to make choices on a special website: I choose 3 different schools (of preparation) and a university of art if I’m not chosen in the schools . All these schools are far away fromDouarnenez, it’s quite exciting to leave my town but stressful too.  I have to ask for a grant and to have a room in a student area.

My plans after school

18 03 2011

After school, if I have my Bac, I want to do a « BTS commerce international » it’s a course which lasts 2 years and I’ll have to study economics, languages, economic geography… and after that I want to take an exam to be admitted in a « Ecole de commerce » (so it will be 3 more years).

If I’m not accepted in this BTS (because there is a selection) I will go to the University (which is not selective) to study LEA « Langues étrangères appliquées » .

For both of these projects I want to go to Brest, It’s 1hour by car from Douarnenez so I hope I could come back for the week-end in my family.  I’m really excited because I have to leave home and discover a new city, new people, new courses… But it’s a little scary at the same time because I’m not sure to like it.


What I wish to do after school

18 03 2011

After my years at Jean Marie Le Bris I would like to go to Brest to study business management to army school or if I can’t do that, the same study or banking and insurance in university. These 2 or 3 years are to work in little business or bank or insurance ! So I want to work in offices.  I picture my office and me with skirt and blouse ( if it’s not in army obviously).

My plans after school

18 03 2011

If I have my grades, I would like to go in a school in Nantes to live with my grand-mother because I really want to leave  Douarnenez and I really like this city because there is other part of my family and It’s a big city.

But I haven’t idea for my future job but if I am accepted in Nantes It’s for a degree in communication. I’m still a little afraid to leave my home so If I am not accepted in my first choice, I’ll go in Quimper, a city which is not far for a degree in management for two years. And for the next years, I’m just afraid to lose my friends because we go in different schools or cities.

my future plans

18 03 2011

After school, I want to go in « Institut d’études politiques ». It’s an institute where we can study politics, economics, law and lots of other subjects. I want to study law in order to become a lawyer or a judge. Howeover, the entrance exam is very difficult, there are 1000 places for 10 000 participants. If I fail, I’ll go to a university to study law andto do the same things.

I want to become a lawyer because the justice in a country is essential, I want to defend people who can’t do it themselves. I know studies of law are hard but I’m very motivated to work and succeed.

I look forward to being in IEP or university because it’s a real new life which starts. For instance we have our appartment, we have a driver’s license, we have a car, we become adults and it’ll be very good fun !

My plan after school

18 03 2011

After school, I want to go to university. especially to learn history : Either to study history in general or to study history of art.

I don’t know if I’m going to study for 3 , 5 or 8 years… It depends on my future interest in this subject.

If I am accepted to this university ( a thing which is  » easy » because to go in, I have just to have my  » baccalauréat », the final test of the year ), I wouldn’t have to go far away ! Indeed the university of history is near to my house .

My plans after school

18 03 2011

After I graduate from High School I’d like to take a year off in the UK to work (as an au pair maybe). But I’m not completely sure that is what I am going to do. After this gap year (or directly after I finish school if I don’t go to the UK)  I will attend the university of Lyon 2 to study towards a Bachelor degree in anthropology. I’m not sure of what kind of job I want to do later so I don’t know what I’ll do afterwards but I might study journalism.