12 12 2013

with my class we are studing the notion idea of progres who approach the world of consumsion of our modern time. We wondered can we live without technology devices. is it posible ? So we madethis challenge. Our teacher asked us to unplug all technological devices, including cell phones, computers, Internet, and video games during a weekend. At first I was thinking that it would be imposible. But the first day was not dificult, to tell the truth it was easy. I was out with my friends so my cell phone was not useful. Coming back home it was more attractive because I was alone and I didn’t know what I could do. And I was dying to see the new current events and my notifications on facebook. My mother asked me to go to the cinema. I went and I came back to sleep. The morning of the next day, I worked our french test. When I finished I had the habit to go on the net and I couldn’t resist !!! I failed … I held one and a half day. When I returned on facebook there were a lot things that had happened but nothing interesting.
That is it, it was my own experience, your turn now and tell me all details !!


28 11 2013

Hello everybody !

Nowadays we study the notion of progress. To study that, we read an article about an experience in an american school. This experience is, for some days (three or four), students of this school mustn’t use technological devices, which means no cell-phone, no computer, no television, no music… After this experience, some students found this adventure was like a lesson, they learnt new things but others could not do it and they checked their e-mail, or notifications facebook.

Here, at jean-marie le bris, we tried this experience during the week-end. For me, this experience is difficult because, during the week-end I’m often with my friends and we speak on facebook, or by cell phone to decide when and where we meet. After, when I’m without my friends, I’m on facebook or I watch television. I do my homework too, It’s the only situation where I’m without technology, except when I sleep or when I read a book. This experience is not a good thing for me because I’m really dependent on technology but I think it doesn’t matter because our society lives with technology and it’s a good thing


We are sill alive !! (A little Mail from Meghan)

28 11 2013


we are still alive don’t worry! ;P

we were very busy during some time but it’s ok now !

I have some time for you now 🙂

I didn’t send other mails because I was on vacation and I didn’t have the Internet at home :'(

I have to go in a sort of cybercafé to go on the web and that’s very boring at the end !


So, last time in the class the english teacher asked us to try not to use any technological stuff during the week-end

and we had to answer the question : Can we live in a techless world ?

I tried it….

it was horrible! No Ipod, No video games, No TV

AARRGGHH!! It makes you crazy 😛

I’ve tried not to cry, but it was really hard!

Not to use technical things makes you believe that you are isolated and that you don’t have any links with anybody: familly or friends …

And all above this you’re feeling lonely!!!

So, you hug your teddy bear and try not to think about all the things around you.

TV and everything… you have it in your bedroom and you must try not to turn it on, because as the teacher said: « try not to use any technological devices »  ugh ugh very easy! 😀

But I failed in my mission, (maybe one day the devil will knock on my bedroom’s door 😀 )

I watched the TV once in the whole Week-End and I sent some SMS to my ex-boyfriend.

So, to make it shorter,

not to use technological things is a really hard experience but in one hand it helps you to see that you don’t need it all the time, that you can live without it (not me!).

On an other hand we realise that as 2013’s teenagers we need this to exist ( on Facebook 😉 )

And we can try sometimes to do this experience to realise how much hypnotized we are with that sort of  « technical life »

and to find some alternatives to our cellphone or laptops..


Although painful, this experience deserves to be tried 🙂

It’s up to you now!



Techless experiences

28 11 2013

Hi! It’s Camille 🙂

In English class we study the notion « Idea of progress » with the question Can we live in a techless world? and last weekend we tried not to use any technology.. It was very difficult 🙁 because I’m always with my cell phone to talk with my friends and I love playing video games with my little brother… It was too hard for me to do this experience! On saturday morning it was easy beacause I was busy: sport (we had our first test for the BAC in sport on monday afternoon), homework.. But after lunch, I couldn’t resist to use my cell phone and talk to my friend, but I didn’t use my computer or video games!! 🙂

I think this experince is not a bad experience, but it is not an experience I can manage.. I don’t think a Techless world is possible nowadays, we can try but I think when you have always lived with technology you can’t do without, maybe it is possible for some people but I think for teenagers of our generation it is very difficult

What about you ? Do you think you can do this experience ? 🙂
I really want to know what you think about that!


I hope you can reply, Bye 🙂


Techless experience

28 11 2013

Hi, it’s Mary.  !D

We are studying with my class the notion of Idea of Progess and the subgenre of this notion is a techless.world

The question was « Can we live without technology? »

So, our teacher asked us, not to use any technologies during the week-end.

I failed this experience, because, at the end of the evening I had to call my father and after my boyfriend.

I used my cell phone to speak with my bestfriend because she lives far away from me.

And every evening, with my family we watch TV to follow the TV News.

For internet, I didn’t have any trouble because I don’t have it.


Are you ready to drop technology ?


Bye, I wish you reply. :33

techless experiences

28 11 2013

Hi ! It’s Manon.

The next week, we are doing an experience. It’s about the idea of progress. It consists in not using any technological devices during the week end.

It was so hard..  Because I use my cellphone everyday to talk with my friends or my family, and I always need to check my messages and I don’t succeed  not to use it.

I don’t watch TV so, for that it was not difficult for me  not to use TV. However I couldn’t resist to watchseries on my computer so the experience for me, was not a success.

And you? Are you ready to do this experience?


Goodbye, I hope you reply to communicate with you.

Let’s speak about an experience without technology

28 11 2013


How are you ?  Have you done the same experience that we did in our class ? How was it ?

For me it was not exceptional but some times it can be weird to be without technology that you use usually almost allthe time. I havent’ problems when I am without my cell phone and when I don’t watch the TV or use internet, but even so some times it could be necessary to see my e-mail or to have my cell phone on if I have something important in the moment. And at a time, I stopped  not using it because I had some people to see and I thoughtthat it was useful because we had’nt organized ourselves before.

I’m looking forward to knowing what you think about it,

Bye !

Axel, Terminal L

Aissata, Terminale L

28 11 2013


At the moment, we are going to study if we can live in a techless world. To answer this question, Mrs Delafraye  asked to do an experience : a school week without technological devices. Really, for me, to live without a cell phone, it’s not very difficult. I hate to be dependent on something. However, to live without a computer,  without  going to see my notification on facebook , not to  listen to music or  not to  read my favorite newspaper was very difficult. Moreover, the computer im my bedroom is everytime on. I turn it off just when I go to sleep. I am all the time  connected and  I  listen to music. Last day, my mummy asked me to search a recipe … I have forgetten..


KENAVO!!(bye in breton)

to live without technology

28 11 2013

Hey I’m Chloé!

I’m going to tell you about my last experience the last week end. My english teacher asked us to try to live without technolgy. So, I began saturday without my mobile , without computer.At the beginning it wasn’t difficult. And ,in the afternoon I understood I use  technology all the time . I listen to  music , I send messages I call my friend with my mobile. I use my mobile even if I’m with my friends. And thanks to this experience I understood that I wasn’t enough with my friends because of technology . Inthe evening I went to a party without my mobile and that was great beacause I enjoyed more the time  . But on  the sunday evening I was so  happy to have my TV.

I think it’s a good idea and try this experience sometimes is interesting but I could’nt do that everytime.

And you ? can you try to live without technolgy?


Challenge : to live without technology

28 11 2013

Hello ! I am Élisa and I am delighted to speack again with you. For one week,  we study a new subject in English Speciality : is it possible to live, in our world, without technology ?

The teacher wanted us to try not to use any technology as long as we could during the week-end, and I have to admit that for me it’s very difficult ! I never leave my mobile :p But I practise basketball therefore I managed not to use technology during all last sunday. However, when I’m home, I always watch TV or surf on the net so I think I would be bored if I didn’t use any technological equimpents ! But I think also that it’s a good exercise, beacause nowadays we are extremly dependent on all this invention and it’s possible that sometimes, we forget to enjoy life and to  take pleasure in the little things of life which are important.

And what about you ? Can you explain me your lifestyle ? Do you think it’s a challenge that you can do easily ?

Hope you are going to answer quickly, Bye !:)