about high school

7 04 2014

Hi it is Naina, I want to talk with you about high school. I dreaded enormously my first day at  school but I found quickly friends. The school for me, at that time, was a place to play and find  friends
Then the first homework arrived and was rather difficult and I began to hate school. This feeling lasted until my 15 years more or less.           I didn’t realize that the school is important.                                                                                                                                                                                                       Now it is different. I chose to be in a literature class and I am very happy because I learn what I like. The school is a place where you must work but it is  still a place to be with your friends. It is a place to talk about every thing. The school is like a little society. There are  directions, laws which are necessary to respect and representatives of pupils.

That is it for the time !

Bye ! Naina

high school

7 04 2014


In jean marie le bris, we have at the same time, a junior and senior high school (collège and lycée in French). We are separated but we have lunch together in the same selfcafeteria.

We don’t have school at the week end and we have a cool timetable ;). For instance, we finish at 2.30pm on tuesday. That’s great because we have the time to do our homework or go out.

Otherwise for my first day at school, I was very scared because I was not sure to see friends I knew or to be in their classes. But everything was fine so It was nice.

What is right in schools is you found a lot of friends and there is a good environment. I think it is great to meet new people when you are in small school, you meet new persons with other personnalities and different passions. It was very nice :).


Manon 🙂

High Schools

5 04 2014


I just want to speak a little bit about High Schools.

You know, for us, high school is a huge crossroad of relationships. You can have friends, a boyfriend

and if you want to, you can have some enemies! ^^

In France; If you want to have a good and succesful future in University;

you have to get the Baccalauréat. Without it, it’s difficult to find a proper job.

But sometimes you’re tired because of that… To study all the time and to go to school every morning at 8a. m. !

Some days, you must kick your own bottom to wake up and go to school!

But you think about your BAC and you say: « OK »

Personnaly, I want to become an English teacher so I do love studies to get the degree, otherwise I’ll become mad! 😛

There is no violence at school such as you can see in some films. You have such situations in Paris for example.

You know, in Paris they consider us (that is to say the Bretons) as extraterrestrials!

contrary to Parisians, we are really reasonable! In our High School there is no violence ! 🙂

4 04 2014


First of all,

sorry for the time that it takes to give you answers.

It’s sometimes difficult to have an access on the different computers in the library which is called « centre de documentations et d’informations » at school. 😉


So, today,

I’ll speak about the means of transport that we take to go to school everyday.

In France, we take the bus to go to school and personnaly I think that it is the same thing for you too.

But when we are in a class such as in Terminale which means grade 11 or 12 for you, you are around 18 or 19 years old,

and in France the majority is at this age.

If  I’m not mistaken, the majority in the US is at 21 isn’t it?

In our country, at this age we become allowed to pay for a driving licence and then to drive.

ok so, sorry but i gotta go 😉

See you next time then because for me now it’s holiday time!




4 04 2014

Hi !

In Jean Marie Le Bris, we don’t have any dress code but we don’t have the right to show our religion with our clothes.

We don’t wear a uniform but some of us wear the same style of clothes.. No style in fact….

We think it would be great to have a uniform because it’s cool and also we wouldn’t see the difference between students who have some clothes and others.

Have you got a uniform??


Manon and Mary 😉


4 04 2014

Je crois que c’est appelle « le bal du lycée » en France mais ici, aux États-Unis, c’est simplement le prom. Il y a une grande bal à l’école et tout les élèves se habille très joli. Chaque année les élèves en première font un grand bal à l’école pour les élèves en terminale. Il y a une thème pour chaque bal et le thème cette année est « Une soirée magique ». Autre thèmes au passé étais choses comme Candyland (qui étais très délicieuse) et aussi Nuit sous les étoiles. C’est super amusant, il y a beaucoup de musique et toute les gens dansent. J’ai déjà acheté mon robe (ça coûte très très chère) mais je ne sais pas si je vais aller au prom cette année parce que moi copain et moi, on n’est plus ensemble. Mais quand même c’est super cool le prom.

3 04 2014


I am going to speak about my point of view of  my high school!

My high school is in a little city, where erverybody  knows everybody. So we don’t have  a lot of violence. It’s true that in the big cities violence is more important. I think it’s the same situation in other countries.  I am not sure that French pupils are more impolite than other pupils. It could depend oN the economic situation which is complicated in several countries.  However, I suppose that a good environment is important to succeed in our studies . In my opinion, the atmosphere in my high school  is not at all the same as in the movies.


bye bye 🙂

How I considered school ?

2 04 2014

The school it’s a place where you study but it’s the place where you meet lots of people who have the same age as you too. So, you meet lots of friends. It is also the place where you learn many things such as discipline and the respect. Beside, without school you can’t have a very goob job because you haven’t any experience. To conclude, with school you meet lots of friends, you learn lots of things and school helps you to build your future.

School in France (:

28 03 2014

To me, School in France is a really good thing and chance for us, French people. In some countries, children can have access to it.

Without school, without any degree, it’s really difficult to find a job, and without a job everyone knows that it’s hard to live happy and adequately.

The school gives us our personality, our habits.. It’s at school where I have found a lot of my friends (and boyfriend to n_n)

The school teaches us to do our homework regularly, to follow some rules…

In Jean Marie Le Bris there is no violence, no big conflicts between 2 or more students.. it’s may be because it’s a small college in a small city, in big cities (as Paris) there is  certainly more than here but I don’t really know..


~ Mary

My point of view of school

27 03 2014

Hi ! I’m going to talk about my point of view about school:)

At first, I think that going to school is a good opportunity. Indeed, if we look at the statistics about all children who can’t go to school, we can consider that we , people of western countries, are lucky.
Some say school is boring and a terrible punishment, a constraint, but in my opinion, education is the basis of life 🙂

However, I am looking forward to leave my school because I have been studying in Jean Marie Le Bris for 7 years and I can’t wait to go to « Brest » to do my studies, because it’s going to be something which really interests me 🙂

Bye ! -Elisa