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18 décembre 2020
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Loulou Rentrée des classes

A l’occasion d’une fête du livre, j’ai réalisé en début d’année un ouvrage pour les enfants malades d’un centre hospitalier. Mais à cause de la  crise sanitaire, je n’ai pas pu leur présenter. Si vous souhaitez le découvrir, cliquez sur le lien ci-dessous, bonne lecture !



6 novembre 2020
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Le recueil de confinement des élèves du Lycée !

Le recueil « Moments de pauses : Coincés entre la terre et les nuages » a été écrit par des élèves de tous les niveaux du lycée Romain Rolland.

Ce projet a été organisé par Madame Martin-Pichot durant le premier confinement, ces 2 mois de non-sens. Il parle de nous, de nos expériences individuelles, de nos ressentis et de nos sentiments. Il nous a permis de mettre des mots là où nous ne savions plus en mettre. Il nous permettra, à tous, de nous souvenir.

Prenez une pause, et souvenez-vous avec nous, bonne lecture ! Vous pouvez le commander ou l’emprunter au CDI !

16 septembre 2020
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Aujourd’hui je vais le revoir… Aujourd’hui je vais le voir s’amuser, rire, travailler… Aujourd’hui je vais encore une fois passer ma journée à le contempler, à regarder ses lèvres que je rêverais d’embrasser, à regarder ses yeux bleus dans lesquels je rêverais de me noyer, à regarder son torse légèrement musclé que je rêverais de caresser. Mais surtout je vais passer ma journée à l’écouter parler avec sa voix grave fraîchement muée et son petit accent du Sud qui fait défaut ici.

Mon bus arrive au lycée, je vais pouvoir aller prendre place sur un banc, mon banc, celui où je passe mes journées, quand je ne suis pas en cours, à attendre et à espérer qu’il arrive. Ma meilleure amie ne devrait pas tarder à arriver aussi. Elle est la seule à savoir réellement qui je suis… Je ne peux en parler à personne d’autre, mes parents ne comprendraient pas et mes « amis » encore moins.

J’allume mon téléphone et lance ma musique préférée, un vieux tube que plus personne ne connaît mais qui me rend tellement nostalgique. Nostalgique de mon enfance où je ne me prenais pas la tête pour un garçon ou pour l’école ou encore de ce que penseraient les autres… Je me laisse bercer pas cette musique, en oubliant presque ma mission.

Mais soudain, je me redresse, deux de ses amis viennent d’arriver ce qui veut dire qu’il ne devrait pas tarder. Je me tiens prêt en me répétant cette phrase en boucle « Hey, ça va ? » au cas où il viendrait me parler, je suis beaucoup trop timide pour faire le premier pas…

Ça y est, j’entends ses pas derrière moi, mais j’entends également une paire de petits talons, c’est Lou qui est juste à côté de lui même si elle ne l’a pas remarqué. Ça me fait donc un super prétexte pour me retourner, sourire aux lèvres. Je commence à le regarder mais dès que je croise ses yeux, je ne peux m’empêcher de détourner le regard et de rougir.

Les deux vont arriver à peu près au moment… Je croise les doigts pour qu’il vienne enfin me parler… Mon cœur bat à 100 à l’heure et mon souffle s’accélère. Je me retourne pour que ça n’ait pas l’air suspect et soudain je sens une petite pression venant d’une main sur mon épaule et j’entends doucement :

« Hey, salut Hugo… »

2 juillet 2020
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Monday 25th of May, George Floyd leave us and provoked a thunderbolt in the world history.

Who was George Floyd and what happened this day?

George Floyd was a man of 46 years old; he was an American but especially a member of the African American community. While he was living in Houston, he got condemned to five years of prison for robbery. When he finished to serve his sentence, he moved to Minneapolis in the Minnesota State and started a new life. He started a new job as truck driver and his neighbourhood described him as “a man of peace” so everything was good for him. The day when he got killed by Derek Chauvin, George was with two friends, a man and a woman. The man entered in a tobacconist’s and tried to buy cigarettes with a bill of 20$ that was looking fake for the owner. The man gets out and ask to George to try again to see if this time it would work. The owner noticed the supposed fake bill again and warned the police. When the police arrived on the place, George Floyd was in his car, they told him to get out and then they handcuffed him, and they asked him to sit on the ground. Next, the third cop and murderer Derek Chauvin has arrived, and he proceed to a ventral cladding, he has put his knee on the throat of George Floyd and stayed like this during almost ten minutes. George Floyd was suffering, he said to Derek “I can’t breathe, please…” and he answered that he should calm down and do not move. But the situation became worse and worse so the policemen asked to the population to get out of here and they called the ambulance for a stage three emergency but this was too late, George Floyd dies out of suffocating after 8 minutes and 46 seconds of suffering. Unfortunately for the policemen, a woman took a video of the scene and posted it on internet, and this is the origin of all the protests that happened after his death.

But why the United States of America suffers so much of racism ?

Let’s talk about the history of the United States.

To understand the violence and the discrimination endured by the black community in the United States, we must go back a little bit in the history. So, as we all know, North America was the second step of the triangular business and it was the land of slaves. A lot of these Africans that got captured by slavers was meant to work in the plantations of North America. And they will have to wait until the end of the Secession War, the 9th April of May 1965 to discover what freedom is, even if they were still persecuted after this. So, we can tell that the over presence of racism in the United States is due to the mentality of the old generations that was considering black people as incompetent slaves only made to serve white people.

We have had enough “

This is the sentence that everyone pronounces since the terrible death of George Floyd and big protests happened all around the world.

Protests all around the world and reactions.

First, at Minneapolis during the first protest, the police precinct got burned by the demonstrator and this first act of anger show that a limit has been reached and that the world won’t ignore the violence of the police now. In France, some protests with thousand of people happened to claim justice for George Floyd but some affairs resurfaced about the death of Adama Traoré which is a very controversial affair because the version of the police is different of the version from the family and people restarted this fight they left a few years ago for the justice of this young man too.

We can also talk about the numerous reactions that set off this event in the sport or music environment.

A lot of celebrities, actors, singers or even athletes like Drake, Omar Sy, Paul Pogba, Michael Jordan, Serena Williams or Naomi Osaka gave their support to the family of George Floyd and to the protest that still go on today.

Trump and the United States police at the center of critics.

After the death of George Floyd, the politic of Donald Trump and the power of the police got called into question. And once again Donald Trump overused his best social media and got banned another time by Twitter because his tweet was considered as an incitement to racial hatred.

To conclude this article, I would say that the impact that the George Floyd affair got is due to the video that shocked all the world and this is a precious thing. Without this video, this affair would have been an affair forgotten in a few weeks, without the impacts that are going on our society. The fight of the African American community continues along with all the people that wants a better world !

25 juin 2020
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Georges Floyd


A world struggle

On 25 May, George Floyd, a 46 years old unarmed black man, was arrested outside a shop by the Minneapolis police. He was attempting to buy cigarettes with a counterfeit $20 bill. He died after being restrained by white officer : Derek Chauvin, who kneeled on his neck for almost nine minutes while he was pinned. Mr Floyd said repeatedly : « I can’t breathe, please, please, please », and pleading for his mother. George Floyd is described by Mr Lillard, his friend, like a person of peace.

Now, Chauvin has been charged with his murder and sacked.

According to a study published in 2019, based on figures compiled by Fatal Encounters, a consorium of journalists, and those of the National Vital Statistics System, which collect all the data on mortality in the United States, African-Americans were the most at risk population. Indeed, researchers value that 1 in 1,000 of them will die from police violence. Black men are 2.5 times more likely than white people to be killed by police. Among women, this rate is 1.4.

The USA has behind it, and still suffers the consequences today, 264 years of slavery and almost 100 years of racial segregation, especially with the Jim Crow laws. The struggle of the civil rights movement, begun in 1950, to obtain the end of inequalities between white and black American was long. Some laws to abolish segregation are created with President Kennedy in 1960’s like laws against public place segregation, job discrimination and laws in favour of access to university, mixed-race marriages, right to vote or access to housing. But today, racism and a lot of prejudices still remain.

Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, critized Mr. Trump for sowing division in the country and has called for real police reform, after meeting Mr. Floyd’s family. Obama paid tribute to George Floyd and call to change. Liverpool players took a knee around the center circle at Anfield in a message of support following the death of George Floyd. Moreover, some Manchester United players protest against racism. Michael Jordan give 100 million of dollards to an organization fighting against inequalities, wishing to denounce rooted racism. There a lot of demonstrations against the murder of George Floyd, Trump has menaced to deploy an army to end them. The #blacklivesmatter move a lot in social media to fight injustice.

The world is changing. Let’s fight for George Floyd, for all African-Americans, against racism and police brutality. Together.


25 juin 2020
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Lettres de confinement

Les elèves ont écrit des lettres pendant cette période si particulière du confinement : ils s’adressent à un lecteur fictif ou réel et expliquent ce qu’ils ont vécu, leurs activités, leur ressenti…


My dear friend,

I hope you’re doing well. I know the situation we are all living can be difficult for a lot of us, even me. I would like to talk about how I feel, a little bit. I don’t want to seem egoist, but I know you’re not going to judge me. I trust you and I know I can be weak, and sensitive about everything we are living with right now.

First of all, I would like to talk about the isolation. I am not someone who enjoys going out a lot, with my friends, my family or alone. I am a home lover and I like spending time in my house, reading or playing videogames. So, when our country was put in quarantine, it didn’t affect that much. I was thinking that it wasn’t going to change a lot for me in my life. But that was at the beginning. After almost a month, it started to become unbearable. I realize the fact that I was with my friends during most of the day, going to high school and spending time out of my house with other people. I’d never thought I would say that one day, but I was missing human contact. It’s really hard to stay alone, without your friends or people who came often at your house. I realize how hard it was to be alone. In a way, it’s an interesting experience to know how we react to loneliness, but it can also be awful to some people. It’s even harder when you see a lot of people enjoying their lives in the streets or at parties when you’re doing your best to stay at home and don’t go out because you’re not a selfish human who only thinks about his own joy. I was very angry because of that point especially.

Then, I will come up to another negative thing quarantine has brought to us. The decrease of motivation. I’m not only talking about school, even if it is also the fact. I’m talking about everything. I will talk about me but I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who living it like this. First, obviously with school. At the beginning, it wasn’t that hard because we were all saying that it wasn’t for a long time. But now, we don’t have exams anymore, we’re nearly all know if we have or not our diplomas. So, because of that, keeping the motivation to work, staying concentrate during hours and hours in front of a computer, it’s not easy for everyone. But it also the fact for a lot of activities. Personally, I would love to learn Japanese. With the lockdown time, the time wasn’t the problem. I could have learnt the alphabet and then how to talk, but I couldn’t find the motivation to do it. It was the same for physical activities, finding motivation was even harder than the exercises themselves. It probably isn’t only because of the lockdown but I’m sure it didn’t help either.

To finish, I would like to approach something more positive than the two previous points. Lockdown give us time. I think especially about the parents who are working a lot and who don’t have time to play with their children. Work at home give them the opportunity to spend time with their family or to find themselves again. This big amount of free time gives a chance to some people to express their creativity, to improve their art’s skills. It isn’t only bad things. It allows all the people who can’t take the time to live or do what they like to spend their time in everything they want to. It’s an opportunity and, for some people, even a chance to try new things.

I’m sorry if my letter wasn’t the happier but I needed to talk about those things. It was important for me. Thank you for reading this, I’m feeling better. Be careful, times are tough.

20 juin 2020
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Dear Miss Jacquet,

It’s been almost three weeks that the end of the lockdown has been announced and to be honest, my vision of life has changed. Despite the fact that this period has been intense for me with the virtual classrooms, I learnt that there’s no need to live a life at 200mph everyday and that relaxing and taking some time for us is really good. And for me that vision works with a lot of things, as humans, we should learn to leave our Earth alone by reducing our consumption of clothes, food etc… The unlimited needs of humans push us to consume more and more but with the lockdown , I think that everyone learned to live with less things and became aware of the fact that the most important things in our lives are the love of a person, the love of our families and of our friends.

The lockdown also confirms my vision of the future, in my opinion we should reduce our emission of carbon, our consumption of food and clothes really fast because our planet can’t hold the rhythm. It makes me determined to act for the environment later by joining an NGO like Greenpeace. Concerning me, I have some habits that I need to apply in my everyday life like: practicing more sports like running or workout and to eat more fruits because it’s a challenge for me since a long time ago and I want to change this. I also want to be more sociable and to enjoy my youth with my friend way more than before.

On top of that, summer is coming and I can’t wait to enjoy my holidays!

Take care of yourself, see you in September!


19 juin 2020
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Dear Nicolas,

It’s been a long time since we’ve not met each other and I hope that you’re living well your quarantine life.

Regarding me, I live this lockdown time very well, I could spend way more time with my family and especially with my father and my stepsister. Even if there are ten years of difference between her and me, I try to play with her. I think that I never played this much to doll’s tea set and dolls since the quarantine. I also watched a lot of movies in the evening with my family, I’m very lucky to have five other people with me in my house. I also got a lot of time to give to video games.

During the Easter Holidays, I set up a daily training and playing routine in order to get better and better at Apex Legends. This week I will be passing some tests to join a semi-professional team. I’m kind of stressed when I think about it, but I got nothing to lose, it’s up to me to prove what I’m capable of to reach the top. And I’m thinking about it, but we never played together even if we both think about it when we’re talking.

I’m not gonna lie but I miss you and all the others, I remember the mornings we spent laughing in the study room instead of working properly. I also miss your revolution projects in the class of Sir Al-Mukhtar, you’re the funniest guy I never known to be honest. Fortunately, there’s still the virtual classrooms that let us talk with everyone and these classes can be really funny sometime, even if you’re always coming up late because you’re still sleeping at 9am.

I really hope that we can see each other really soon because being far from our friends is really hard.

Take care of you, of your family and of Darwin, see you soon!

Your friend, Léandre.

17 juin 2020
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Clamecy, Wednesday the 17th of June 2020

Dear Miss Jacquet,
I hope you are well, as well as your family. I am writing to you to tell you about my upcoming plans for the summer, as well as my projects for the next school year.
First of all, as we know, the summer will officially be here in a few days. Every year, it is a time very special for most people, and I include myself. It is a possibility to think about something other than school or work, and to concentrate on other activities that one finds pleasant. Some of these activities for me will be to read, watch movies, complete puzzles, play cards… Some other activities a bit harder will be to take my driving theory test, and complete official papers. But the most important activity to me will be to spend quality time with my family and friends.
A couple of my good friends will be having their birthday during this summer, and as they will have 18 years old, I will try to make their day count, with the help of our group. We will also go and spend time at each-others house, when and if possible, and simply chat, play games, eat, drink together, and make the most of our time while reunited.
Furthermore, my sister and her family will also come over in August, staying true to what they do each year. That means making barbecues, walking through small cities of the Morvan we enjoy, chatting together, and playing with her children. Nonetheless, people with whom I will try to spend the most of my summer with will be my parents. They are very dear to me, and I always love doing simple things with them, like doing the dishes, watching and reacting to tv-shows together, drinking coffee outside, might it be while talking, or silently enjoying the present moment.
I will cherish these small moments in time, because I will be going away to a big city next year.
At the end of August, once my parents will have helped me find an apartment, I will have to pack up and move from my parents’ house. Starting a new school year, but now in a university, in the big city of Dijon, to learn psychology; that is what I’m going to do.
On the one hand, I am very scared. I will have to be all alone in a big city, where it is busy day and night, where there is constant movement and noise. I will have to be in my home alone, go out alone, and stay strong even if I’m not
comfortable. I will have to pay my bills, manage my finances, take public transports, attend class, work hard, and socialize as best I can. On the other hand, what scares me also excites me. A lot. It means becoming an adult, learning, from school and from life, living, with what I have and how I want. It also means being able to learn what I’ve been wanting to learn since I’m 9 years old. During next year, it will be a beautiful possibility to expand my
comfort zone, to broaden my mind and to become stronger as an individual. Going to university also means being with a few very good friends, and meeting new people, which is both terrifying and thrilling.
To put in a nutshell, the summer will be the calm before the storm. Only, I love calmness just as much as storms. They both have something to offer : precious moments, important lessons, memories to hold on to.
So, here you go, I have said everything I thought about on my projects for the summer and next year in this last assignment I am giving to you. I hope you will enjoy your summer, and that it will be a rejuvenating season
for you and you family before going back to school again.

Sincerely yours,
Senior student of 2020.