Lettres de confinement

Les elèves ont écrit des lettres pendant cette période si particulière du confinement : ils s’adressent à un lecteur fictif ou réel et expliquent ce qu’ils ont vécu, leurs activités, leur ressenti…


My dear friend,

I hope you’re doing well. I know the situation we are all living can be difficult for a lot of us, even me. I would like to talk about how I feel, a little bit. I don’t want to seem egoist, but I know you’re not going to judge me. I trust you and I know I can be weak, and sensitive about everything we are living with right now.

First of all, I would like to talk about the isolation. I am not someone who enjoys going out a lot, with my friends, my family or alone. I am a home lover and I like spending time in my house, reading or playing videogames. So, when our country was put in quarantine, it didn’t affect that much. I was thinking that it wasn’t going to change a lot for me in my life. But that was at the beginning. After almost a month, it started to become unbearable. I realize the fact that I was with my friends during most of the day, going to high school and spending time out of my house with other people. I’d never thought I would say that one day, but I was missing human contact. It’s really hard to stay alone, without your friends or people who came often at your house. I realize how hard it was to be alone. In a way, it’s an interesting experience to know how we react to loneliness, but it can also be awful to some people. It’s even harder when you see a lot of people enjoying their lives in the streets or at parties when you’re doing your best to stay at home and don’t go out because you’re not a selfish human who only thinks about his own joy. I was very angry because of that point especially.

Then, I will come up to another negative thing quarantine has brought to us. The decrease of motivation. I’m not only talking about school, even if it is also the fact. I’m talking about everything. I will talk about me but I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who living it like this. First, obviously with school. At the beginning, it wasn’t that hard because we were all saying that it wasn’t for a long time. But now, we don’t have exams anymore, we’re nearly all know if we have or not our diplomas. So, because of that, keeping the motivation to work, staying concentrate during hours and hours in front of a computer, it’s not easy for everyone. But it also the fact for a lot of activities. Personally, I would love to learn Japanese. With the lockdown time, the time wasn’t the problem. I could have learnt the alphabet and then how to talk, but I couldn’t find the motivation to do it. It was the same for physical activities, finding motivation was even harder than the exercises themselves. It probably isn’t only because of the lockdown but I’m sure it didn’t help either.

To finish, I would like to approach something more positive than the two previous points. Lockdown give us time. I think especially about the parents who are working a lot and who don’t have time to play with their children. Work at home give them the opportunity to spend time with their family or to find themselves again. This big amount of free time gives a chance to some people to express their creativity, to improve their art’s skills. It isn’t only bad things. It allows all the people who can’t take the time to live or do what they like to spend their time in everything they want to. It’s an opportunity and, for some people, even a chance to try new things.

I’m sorry if my letter wasn’t the happier but I needed to talk about those things. It was important for me. Thank you for reading this, I’m feeling better. Be careful, times are tough.

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