The lord of the Ring, written by Tolkien

J. R Tolkien wrote a lot of books as The Hobbit and I love particularly The Lord of the Ring (The Fellowship of the Ring) : it’s a fantasy story and there are beautiful images in the adaptation made by Peter Jackson.

It’s a film starring  Elijah Wood, Viggo Mortensen, Liv Tyler, Sean Astin, Ian MacKellen, Cate Blanchett, Orlando Bloom and others…

I am going to tell you about the sypnosis of this film :  The scene takes place in the Middle Earth during an unkwonly era. Hobbits were living in peace, when one of them owned the only ring which fabulous powers. Sauron uses the Bad Powers to resume it.

This film Is our family film because when my parents were expected my older sister my father was reading this book and it is why she Is called Galadriel, as the elves queen.

The Hobbit by Tolkien

In all the work we saw in class, I prefer The Hobbit, written by Tolkien. I appreciate fantasy and
the world he created for his story is in rich in magic places, surnatural characters and incredible events.
In my opinion it’s a great representation of fantasy, as Harry Potter, written by J.K. Rowling, or The Lord of the Ring, written by Tolkien too. The descriptions of the differents places are complete and we see the scene as if we were.
I’m interested in the way he decribes Bilbo. I like the idea that an anti-hero becomes with the time an hero.
The epic story is ones style of writting I adore, and I would like to read all the book.

The Hobbit, Tolkien

Among studies subjects seen in class, I prefered The Hobbit. The extract studied belong of the fantasy like the novel entirely.
I appreciate this kind of story and the magical atmosphere. This atmosphere is represented by the magical ring and the sword that Bilbo, the main character, uses.
In the story, Bilbo doesn’t fit the image of the traditional hero because he is described with negatives features (he is grumpy and cowardly). So I think that it’s interesting because it changes from usually hero. But during the intrigue Bilbo become more and more a hero because he find the strenght to fight against a threat for his life.
I don’t read the novel The Hobbit but I’ve seen the film and I like the universe of The Lord of The Rings.

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

I’ve decided to talk about The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, a book of Robert Louis Stevenson and the cinematographic adaptation of Frederic March and particularly in the ape-like appearance.

(link of the movie extract : ).

The director of the film, Fredric March had decided to underline the dopplegänger of Dr Jekyll. In this movie Mr Hyde play at hyde and seek with Dr Jekyll, he had tried to be face-full with the mind representation of a monkey with a part of wereworf. The monkey can’t control his basic instincts like the bad part of a human. The monkey was perhaps choose by the director because it capture well the mind conception of a free slave body, who explode with wide movement at every single time which wake him up, and who his very expressive at the screen. Dr Jekyll is the scapegoat of Mr Hyde in this novella.

Last but not least The free slave body in Frankenstein or The Modern Prometheus of Mary Shelley also catch my attention for the same reason. 

Hate List

Hate List is a novel written by Jennifer Brown and published in 2009. I have read it last summer and I really enjoyed this book !

It’s the storie of Valerie, an american teenager who, after a shooting incident in her school made by her dead boyfriend (Nick), try to rebuild herself and her life.

Valerie and Nick wrote a Hate List, a list of people they hate. Valerie thought it was just a joke but Nick was serious. When he brought a gun to school and started shooting people, Valerie put herself in front of a victim and her leg was hurt.

It deals with themes of hatred, bullying, family tension and suicide. The narrator is Valerie, she tells us the events before the shooting incident and what is happen in her actual life. One chapter is about the past, another is about the present etc… Sometimes the storie is broken by newspapers articles about the shooting incident.

I think this novel is very interresting because we always want to know if Valerie will manage to leave her problems and thanks to chapter about the past, the reader is eager to know how are the characters in the present, how Valerie’s friends think about her now etc…

So, it’s a very good book for teenagers, you should read it !