Black Beauty : The Autobiography of a Horse

Black Beauty is a novel published in 1877. It’s the only novel of Anna Sewell. It’s a story narrated by the horse Black Beauty who describes her life. We follow her life since her beginning, when Black Beauty was a foal to his death.                                                   Black Beauty is going to have several masters during his life : good master who cares about her horse and bad master who ill-threat her horse.
Thanks to the novel written in the first person, we can feel the emotions of Black Beauty. The novel touching us because the story show how the human can be cruel with animals and how we must working all your life for hope to be reward.

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  1. I know this book and I love really this story !The main character is a horse and it’s unusual for a book but Black Beauty has feelings and his story was really sad and interresting.

  2. I haven’t read this book but this story with the horse can be interrresting ! I agree with audreyl2 a story tells by horse it’s unusual.

  3. I remember when I saw Adelïde read this book and I read the blurb in the back cover. I find at this moment taht it is a child’s book. I think I would have been really enjoy to read this book when I was 10 years old but not now. Yes the point of vew of a horse can be interesting but it’s totally conceived: never we can know the thought of a horse if they think…

  4. I’ve seen the fifth version of Black Beauty,and I just loved it, so I think i will read the « original novel »

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