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Being a huge fan of the lords of the rings, I immediately thought that The Hobbit would be as wonderful as the others and it does not disappointed me . I think it is a logical beginning and to reflects on over the trilogy. Unfortunately there is a lot less action but leaves us winks eg when Gloin and the other dwarves are caught by Elfs , he mentions the name of his son Gimli which is found in adventures of lords of the rings and also we also find Legolas and Frodon all at the beginning .
The film, like the book highlights the courage of Bilbo , because at first he did not want to come but eventually has decide to accompagnied them, it was not to his advantage because he was get used to having a house , a bed and plenty of foods, but he got used to it faster than you can imagine . Bilbo was frightened before, throughout the adventure he learned courage and to confront the danger, in the eyes of dwarves, readers and spectators he became a hero.

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  1. My point of view is that The Lord of the rings is once and for all the best of both movies. For me The Hobbit looks more a movie for children than The Lord of the rings.

  2. Not really it’s just there’s a lot less action in Bilbo The Hobbit that’s all. It still have to admit that in the second there are quite stressful times.

  3. His films are just perfect here, although as I said there is a lot less action in The Hobbit, I never get tired of watching it again and again.

  4. I like how the Bilbo is gradually presented as a hero.
    I really want to read the book, I think it’s very interresting.

  5. I read the book and truthfully it is great and it is easy to read. I recommend everyone to read.

  6. For me the producers of this movie tried to find back the succes they have got with « The Lord of the Ring », but they failed on this try. Even if this movie isn’t that bad, « The Lord of the Ring » is an unique film, which can never be replaced. « Bilbo the Hobbit » is a desperate attempt to make the same succes than his predecessor. This film is not what the Lord of The Ring fans expected.

  7. I am not quite agree, even if the film has less success than « The Lord of the Rings », there is also unique in its kind. After I say this as a big fan of this saga of course.

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