« The Fault in our stars » by James Green

I would like to present you a book I really liked.
This is one of James Green works ( a contemporary English author). He then wrote « the fault in our stars ». This novel is about two adolescents suffering from cancer.
A young girl, Hazel Lancaster (she is the narrator),is 16 years old. She survives with an experimental treatment.
His parents forced her to walk out with a support group. During the sittings, she meets Augustus Waters who is a year older than her. Thus, they gradually fall in love. This young boy suffers from osteosarcoma. They often see each other and they realize they have a lot in common. They are passionate by a novel by Peter Van Houten. This novel is also about a young girl who suffering from cancer and ends suddenly in the middle of a sentence. Curious fate of the characters, Hazel and Augustus are planning to go to Amsterdam to meet the autor. They make this trip with a foundation to help sik childrens.

This is a novel about life and death and people who are stuck in between. When we see the book subject we fear that feel sadness and we are worried to end the book totally depressed, but on the contrary this novel makes us love life more than ever. That’s why I recommend it.

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  1. I totally agree with you. I read this book and I really liked it. I thank you for recommending me this book. I found it really touching and really gripping. I was sad when I finished it. We don’t expect the end of the book. It makes feel like living as you said. It is a good lesson of life.

  2. Thanks you Victoria! I’m really glad that you lend me this book! I such like this book, I remember I read it in a trice. Anf I agree with you Morgane, it is a good lesson of life, even a « life anthem ». This novel shows us the worth of the life!

  3. I just borrowed this book to a friend ; now I can’t wait anymore to read it ! All the reviews that I read are very positive except my best friend who was disappointed (overreacting around this book,maybe) so I want to make my own opinion.

  4. I totally agree with you more, I’ve never cried so much watching a movie or reading a book, it’s so touching and almost unrealistic. The book is full of reference of music or books, we must pay attention.

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