Frankenstein : the movie by Kenneth Branagh

Last monday, in class, we saw Frankenstein, the movie made by Kenneth Branagh.

Some students really love this movie and I do too, the actors are good and succeed in showing their emotions without overact (Robert de Niro, who plays the monster, is really great). Moreover, there are no boring times and I think it’s a very good quality in a movie.

Thanks to this movie, I’m going to read the novel of Mary Shelley !

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  1. There was too much blood in this film. Some adaptations are better than the film we saw in class.

  2. I agree with you the actors are good and Helena Bonham Carter plays very well ! But in my opinion this film isn’t « very good » quality.

  3. I agree with you, the actors are good and Robert de Niro is so great playing the Frankenstein’s monster.

  4. I agree with you , this film is not boring and the actors plays very good . I think I’m going to read this novel too because the movie was really interesting and the story unusual!

  5. I liked this movie because thanks to it i had an overview of the frankenstein’s story. And i share your opinion.

  6. you’re right: the interpretation of De Niro was great as in each of his films ( especially in « the godfather 2 » and « taxi Driver »). « His » monster was accurate.

  7. Like you, I think the actors are great but in my opinion, the film don’t show their emotions unlike Mary Shelley’s book.

  8. I liked this version of Frankenstein much. But, I found that the scenes were too much short, the story passed too quickly. I think that the director would have had to make film in saga!

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