Matilda, Charlie, James and Mr. Fox…

These characters are the heroes of famous novels written by an exceptional writer, Roald Dahl. For many years, everyone can dream with these incredible situations and his picturesque characters like Matilda Wormwood, James Henry Trotter or Charlie Bucket and Willy Wonka. Born in September 1916, he was officer in the Royal Air Force during World War II before becoming a best-selling author. Many novels was illustrated by Quentin Blake, a well-known cartoonist who worked for Dr. Seuss’ novels too.

Roal Dahl wrote novels for children and adult, but also a few short stories, poems and screenplays, especially for the James Bond film like You Only Live Twice and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, which were adaptations of novels by Ian Flemming. Over the years, he became « one of the greatest storytellers for children of the 20th century » . He died in November 1990.

Today, Roald Dahl is always model and his stories continue to be adapted. Lately, Wes Anderson directed in 2009 the adaptation of Fantastic Mr. Fox, an other success of the writer…

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  1. It’s very funny, but a little bit queer, I’ve never seen a fox do diving board, or even open a bottle of champagne! Of Course I understand as well. This is a joke with a lot of irony!

  2. You’re right , Roald Dahl is so talented. I read  » boy: Tales of chilhood » in the junior school, and  » charlie and the chocolate factory » after. These are two great book ,his life and work are so interesting.

  3. I’ve always loved this kind of animated drawings that have a very realistic look, I mean, not really drawn cartoons, but those who give the impression that the characters are plasticine. So thank you for showing this video.

  4. I also read many books of Roald Dahl, and every time I am never disappointed; the fantastic universe is always present, and the reading is not boring!

  5. I’ve never watched this but If you like this, I recommand you Chicken Run directed by Peter Lord and Nick Park. In fact, the trailer of Fantastic Mr. Fox remember me this British-American stop-motion animation family comedy film called Chicken Run because of human who are animals’s neighbors too and create an alarming atmosphere but it is comic too.

    Look at the trailer if you want :

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