old cinema!

In class, we watched an adaptation of « alice in wonderland ». it dated back to 1903, only a few years after the cinema’s birth. For the time it was a really good adaptation despite the limites means (money and special effects) and i think a lot of people in class enjoyed that.

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  1. I agree with you! Effects were mostly very good despite of the lack of equipment, but after I found the film a bit boring because compared to the recent adaptation it’s sure that’s very different!

  2. It’s rather well done when you know how the director had at the time but I didn’t really liked this version. I prefer the modern one.

  3. I don’t like very well this adaptation, I prefer the film of Tim Burton because it’s much more alive than this one.

  4. This film from 1903 lasts only 9 minutes while the modern version lasts 1 hour and 40 minutes … This is very different !

  5. Me, I loved this movie, it is really well done!
    I am sure that at the time many people were impressed

  6. Yes that’s really interesting to watch this really old version before seeing the Tim Burton’s version, which use special effects rightly and which is very face full to the original book.

  7. It isn’t my opinion : I don’t like this video. Although it is a good adaptation for his time, it is too old and I don’t like that. That is why I prefer the Tim Burton version and his modernity.

  8. This version is really cute and it gives another dimension to the story , we are really far to nowadays’s animation. It has his own charm and poetry ; personally I loved.

  9. I was surprised by this movie. It is quite captivat despite his age, special effects, sets and actors. Now we are accustomed to big show and film who use a lot of money. Here we see with little means can make a great film.

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