Vincent, a Tim Burton Short film.

Vincent is a 1982 stop motion short horror film, written, designed and directed by Tim Burton. This is the story of a seven year old boy, Vincent Malloy, who dreams to become Vincent Price. Behind his quite appearance, he dreams to make diabolic things (like transforming his dog into a zombie, or transforming his aunt into a wax statue), and he’s obsessed by Edgar Allan Poe’s novels.


The film’s narrator is Vincent Price himself, the idol and inspiration of Burton. Gradually, the two men become friends.

Because it is a black and white film, Burton decided to work with light and shadow, that choice gives birth to magnificent shots (when we see Vincent’s dog’s shadow at 02:14)

I found this film both beautiful and scary, because of lighting effects and music. The characters are really scary, and have an unusual physic. In Vincent, we find the main themes of Burton’s film : Gothic, creepy and odd.

Tim Burton and Vincent Price on the set of Vincent

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