I Frankenstein, the sequel of mary shelley’s novel.

i,Frankenstein is one of the new fantasy movies from the begining of this year. It’s directed by Stuart Beattie, an australian scriptwriter and directer (he is famous for being the scriptwriter of « australia » in 2008).
A lot of journalist said that it was an horror movie, after seeing it I can say it was only a thriller. It can be entertainig if you like fantasy and action movies. it’s not really my case so i did’nt really like it althought the staging was suprising sometimes. I find the story was really superficial and without real interest. It’s only based on special effects unfortunatly and, for me, a good movie isn’t just some visual effects with a nice music. Moreover, the Frankenstein’s story doesn’t really interest me and , generally, i don’t appreciate films about Frankenstein ( except  « the bride of Frankenstein » which is really awesome).

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